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Request for Adminship: T3CHNOCIDE
Submitted: July 31st, 2012, by Karl-591
Outcome: Approved


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I, Karl-591, do hereby name T3CHNOCIDE as a candidate for the position of Administrator of the Halo Nation.}}

Nominee, please accept or defer the above nomination below this line.

I am considerably honoured at this nomination. I accept this nomination in the hopes that I will be able to maintain the high expectations our community expects of this wiki.

Reason for Nomination

He has met the requirements, is fairly active, and he cares for this site.

Support (14/5)

  1.   Support — As per my nomination. Karl 18:52, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
  2.   Support — I couldn't think of a better responsible and incredibly mature person at the moment to be a staff member. Grizzlei
  3.   Support — He's more than helpful when it comes to answering other users' questions and helping those who are less experienced on the wiki; can't think of anybody who's more fitting to become an admin. -GodzillaMaster 20:55, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
  4.   Support - I'm all for this.--Spartacus0898 21:06, July 31, 2012 (UTC)
  5.   Support - As per nomination. Ultra Force
  6.   Support - As per the nomination, I beloeve T3CHNO will be a great Administrator to this wiki in the wake of Grizzlei's resignation - and fill her postion quite snugly. Though, Grizz certainly left big high heels to fill. -Leo Fox 01:42, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
  7.   Support- As per nomination I think that he would be a great administrator. Jhboombox 01:48, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
  8.   Full Support - I can't think of anyone more capable than him, knows his way around the site and the coding.Wilc0
  9.   Support - As per everyone else,... Bravadostock 09:57, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
  10.   Full Support - He is good! Thats for sure. As everyone says, I know T3ch will be great ADMIN... FEARDEATH24
  11.   Spartan Strong Support - As per everyone here SheerAvenger777 BAM, SAID THE LADY 05:02, August 2, 2012 (UTC)
  12.   Support - Simply put, T3CH get stuff done here. Everytime he sees a problem, he immediately corrects it and explains to the person at fault what they did wrong and offers to help them. He has also put tremendous effort with me and Vidmas7er in fixing the category system. Sgt D Grif 23:52, August 5, 2012 (UTC)
  13.   Strong Support — Tech is almost as, if not more, constructive than the admins here, he deserves this. Vid
  14.   Strong Support - I have full confidence that T3CH will be a great Admin. He has already lead a wiki project, and has dedicated plenty of his time into making this wiki a better place for all of us. I believe his Adminship will be great for us all. - H4M

Neutral (0/0)

Against (1/0)

  1.   Oppose - No offence to tech, but however well he knows and follows the rules, I do not see a need for him to be mod, nor do I see why it is needed for another admin. It appears that he is up for nomination for the fact people like him rather then his abilities. --Terra-287 01:55, August 1, 2012 (UTC)
I think the overhauling of the category system speaks for itself.Wilc0
I would hope that this isn't the case, and that people would be voting for me on a non bias opinion based on how they believe I will benefit the community. I believe that I have always pushed to make Halo Nation a better place, and tried my hardest to help bring beneficial change. But, I respect your decision - thank you for your vote.
T3CHNOCIDE 09:53, August 1, 2012 (UTC)


These comments have been really kind, thanks for everyone who has contributed, it means a lot to me :)

T3CHNOCIDE 11:55, August 10, 2012 (UTC)


Nominee, if you accept the nomination, please answer the following questions. It is advised that voters check the nominee's responses before voting.

1. When did you join Halo Nation?

I joined Halo Nation and it's proud community on the 28th December, 2011.

2. What do you believe are your most valued contributions to Halo Nation?

  • I was one of the individuals who pushed for an end to a period of corruption in our chat mods earlier this year, to make the chat a better and more enjoyable place to be in, without fear of oppression from abusive moderators.
  • I have played a keen part in pushing for a fair environment for users; ensuring that Halo Nation policy is followed strictly and fairly, whilst maintaining the enjoyable atmosphere our users enjoy.
  • I helped to bring in the new set of chat rules that helped to plug loop-holes many cross-wiki trolls would abuse to try and attack Halo Nation and it's policy. The new policies also give clearer guidance for users to follow, with stricter sanctions to prevent both abuse of the system, and abuse by moderators - thus maintaining a fairer enviroment.

3. What do you believe are your most valued technical contributions to Halo Nation?

  • Sgt D Grif, Vidmas7er, and I are currently leading a project to help clean up our wiki's category system, in an attempt to make the wiki a more user friendly place to navigate.
  • I have also made multiple edits to the wiki in an attempt to help maintain and improve the information, and dynamics of this website.

4. What do you believe are your most valued contributions to the community?

  • I have pushed for fairer treatment of users by Moderators and Admins alike, helping to punish those who have abused our trust and made it difficult for users to express their opinions and enjoy themselves.
  • I am currently campaigning to have Halo Answers, once a wiki that was in close contact with halo, to be put back into HN control so that we may end the tyranny of Trolls there once and for all, and to increase our community whilst doing it.

5. If you are administrated, what changes do you propose?

  • I would like to update our policies to make sure they are within acceptable parameters, and to avoid the several errors that have come into light within recent months.
  • I will help to fully back the project system which is currently under trail, to help ensure user friendly, and up to date information for users and guests a like.
  • I want to push our wiki's abilities to not only contend with Halopedia, but to also out match it! I am confident in our abilities, and I am sure we can achieve such a task.

6. To the best of your understanding, what does administratorship entail?

Administratorship is not a job to be taken lightly; administrators are the examples for our community, and therefore should strive to follow our policy, and set an example of acceptable behaviour. Administrators should also ensure they maintain a professional, and polite manner to all users, despite their actions or accusations.

Administrators act as the governing body of the wiki community, and should be willing to always listen to the community, and act accordingly on a non-bias opinion. It also means that an Administrator should be willing to help an individual at all times.

Administrators are role models, and should push to be the best they can be, setting a prime example for other users to follow.

7. To the best of your understanding, when will you be able to check Halo Nation after you are administrated, in the event that you are?

I will ensure that I am active daily, and not only be able to carry out my administrative duties, but to also actively engage with our community.

8. What communities are you associated with online, Halo and otherwise?

Halo Nation is my primary community, however I often head over to other wiki's such as the Runescape wiki, and enjoy playing several online games; RuneScape, Halo, and Ghost Recon:Future Soldier being a few examples.

9. What is your familiarity with the Halo universe?

I am a massive fan of the Halo franchise and have completed all the games, and read most of the books. I would say my speciality lies within knowledge of the Forerunner, however my knowledge covers a vast majority of the canon material.

10. What is your familiarity with Wikia and Halo Nation policies?

I have taken a keen role in actively contributing to the wiki, and know a considerable amount about acceptable editing, and behaviour.

I am also extremely familiar with Halo Nation policies and would like to enact several changes to fix several loop-holes we have encounter recently, whilst still maintaining the community ethos we have today.

11. What is your relationship with the Halo Nation community and current administration?

I am a chat moderator so often engage with the community. I would say that I get on with a lot of our users, and rarely encounter an issue with a member. The same would go for our administrators; I actively engage with our administrative team, and often enjoy good conversations with them.

I enjoy our community a lot, and should I be promoted, I will still maintain my activity with the community.

12. How may users contact you?

Users are free to contact me via my Talk Page which I check very often, or by email which is also checked often. I will also most likely be on the chat, so feel free to swing by to ask me a few questions.