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Administrator, also known as admin or SysOp, is the second most powerful rank available to users on Halo Nation, beneath Bureaucrats. Halo Nation Administrators are entrusted with a wide range of tools, both on the wiki and the Discord, which should be used solely to improve and prevent damage to Halo Nation. In addition, Administrators and Bureaucrats sometimes make important decisions which affect all of the wiki (such as theme changes) and are the only users with the authority to initiate a community vote or act upon its result.

As with all ranks on Halo Nation, the ideal Administrator is simply an average user who has a few additional tools at their disposal. Administrators should be friendly and welcoming to all users of Halo Nation and should only use their powers for the betterment of the site. If you suspect an Administrator has abused their power, please report it to another member of the Administration.


In addition to the rights granted by Wiki Moderator and Chat Moderator, Administrators have the following capabilities:

  • Edit certain protected pages, such as the Main Page.
  • Delete any page on the wiki.
    • Delete pages en masse, using the Batch Delete tool.
  • Restore deleted pages, using Special:Undelete.
  • Block users from editing the wiki for any length of time, including permanently.
  • Access the Admin Dashboard, which allows them to:
    • Change the wiki's theme using the Theme Designer.
    • Enable or disable wiki features such as Chat and Message Walls.
    • Edit the navigation bar which appears at the top of all pages.
  • Promote users to any rank below Admin.
  • Modify MediaWiki pages, including the wiki's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) pages.
  • Manage Discord channels, for example changing their descriptions or names.
  • Manage emoticons on the Discord.

For a complete list of Administrator rights, see the user group rights page.


To qualify for a nomination for the Administrator rank on Halo Nation, a user must meet the following requirements. Users who are nominated but do not meet these requirements will be rejected outright, without going to a vote.

  • A registered account on Halo Nation that is at least six months old.
  • Made at least 1,500 total edits to Halo Nation, including a minimum of 1,000 mainspace edits.
  • Been active for a minimum of six months in the lead-up to the nomination. "Active" in this case is defined as having made a minimum of one edit per month during that time.
  • Already have attained the rank of Wiki Moderator, to demonstrate that they can handle power responsibly and competently.
  • Not had an unsuccessful rank nomination in the past three months. This excludes nominations which the user rejected.
  • No blocks or warnings for two years prior to the nomination. Those who have incurred such punishments in recent memory are unlikely to be good candidates for an administrator position.
  • A detailed knowledge of Halo Nation and its operation, both with respect to its policies and its community.
  • Demonstrate good security practices, because a compromised account with administrator privileges could deal considerable damage to the wiki. Previous security problems that were out of the user's control (such as if FANDOM itself were to be hacked) will not count against them.


The application process for the Administrator rank is the same as that for all other ranks. It is explained in detail on the Rank Structure page, here. There are only two differences between the application process for most ranks, and the application for Administrator. Firstly, a user cannot nominate themself for Administrator - it must be another user who does so, without any influence from the nominee. Secondly, whereas it is only a suggestion for most ranks, nominees for the Administrator rank are required to answer the set of seven questions laid out on the Rank Structure page.

Historically, applications used a different method, known as "Requests for Adminship" (or "RfA" for short). They functioned in largely the same way as the current method, except were hosted on a page in the Halo Nation namespace rather than on the Forums. For archiving purposes, the RfAs of past Administrators have not been deleted. However, an RfA is no longer a valid method of applying for the rank, so please use the method detailed above.

List of Administrators




There are currently no open applications for the Administrator rank.


FANDOM Staff, Helpers and VSTF users also have Administrator privileges on Halo Nation, as well as every other wiki hosted by FANDOM. These users should only be contacted about Halo Nation issues as a last resort.