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This is an archive of the original facebook post. All typos and discrepancies are included as originally written. Archives on Archive.today here, here, here, and here.

Jennell Jaquays - 20 February 2015

Halo Wars was the last project that I did with Ensemble Studios (we completed the game, Microsoft closed the studio as part of the 2009 layoff). Not everything that I worked on for HW made it into the game, in particular, most of my work as a model maker. HW went through at LEAST three full art style revisions why I worked on it. None of what I did here survived between style changes. Though I still like my very low polygon implementation of the Mongoose ATV.

This was an unfolding version of the barracks building. The idea from the art director was that it dropped from orbit, landed on retro thrust rockets and then all the details of the model unfolded or unpacked themselves. This was my first project after shifting over from the recently completed Warchiefs game expansion ... and my first experience at very-high poly modeling for normal mapping.

The upper left image was created by a freelance concept artist working with the art director. The AD made a simple folding version of the concept. I developed my model from the AD's prototype.

Drop from space gun emplacements/fortifications. The middle piece (unfinished) would be fired from space to create a crater with a small fortification in the middle. The upper two used weaponry taken off existing UNSC vehicles.

My low poly take on the Mongoose from Halo 3. I was working from screen captures from the XBOX 360 game. Bungie was not giving us game assets from the FPS games to help, so we did everything by observation.