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Yanme'e Leaders,[1] also known as Yanme'e Captain Majors,[2][note 1] are high in the Yanme'e caste and have one of the highest Yanme'e ranks in the Covenant military. They are distinguished by their golden exoskeletons and use of energy shields.


The Leader is one of the highest ranks attainable for the Yanme'e. Yanme'e Leaders have been rushed from their pupal stage, and as a result, their abdomens glow brightly.[3] They often command lances consisting of lower-ranking soldiers, such as Yanme'e Majors and Minors. Occasionally, they have some control over low-ranked Unggoy and even Kig-Yar.[4]

During the Battle of Mombasa, a Yanme'e Leader led the defense of the hive within the city from the invading Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. However, it was eventually killed by a lone ODST.[5]


The Yanme'e Leaders are the best equipped of the known Yanme'e ranks in service with the Covenant military. They are equipped with relatively strong energy shielding and have hard, golden exoskeletons that can protect them from moderate damage. However, their exoskeleton is not immune to damage caused by firearms.[6] They are typically armed with Type-25 Brute plasma rifle.[4]


Yanme'e Leaders are only encountered in the Halo 3: ODST campaign once, towards the end of the level Data Hive. However, Yanme'e Leaders are occasionally encountered in ODST's Firefight. Drone Leaders are the most powerful Drone rank in the game. A plasma pistol is effective at draining the shields of the Leader. Once its shields are down, weapons like the SMG or the magnum allow the player to easily eliminate the Drone. Unlike lower-ranking Drones, the Leaders are more likely to land and walk around, rather than fly and shoot. It is not recommended for players to use grenades against the Yanme'e Leaders, since they often avoid them with ease.[4]


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  1. ^ This Yanme'e rank was first identified in the Halo 3: ODST stats on Bungie.net as "Yanme'e Leader". However, as often in stats, this was a generic name, as other enemies were also identified as "Brute Leader", "Hunter Spec-Ops", or "Grunt Infantry". In order to see the enemy's real rank, one must right-click on the image and save it. The file's name for this rank was "Drone Captain Major". Yet, Halo: The Essential Visual Guide used "Yanme'e Leader" in its list of Yanme'e ranks. This was probably done by accident by 343 Industries, as Bungie did not intend to use this generic name for the rank. Nonetheless, the generic name was made canonical by the Essential Visual Guide.


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