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CQS48 Bulldog
Icon Image Name Manufacturer Description Rarity Unlock requirements
Icon of the Neptune's Depth Coating. Neptune's Depth UNSC Unleash the... Bulldog? Legendary Purchase "Neptune's Depths" from the Shop for 700 cR
Icon of the Buckshot Bonanza Coating. Buckshot Bonanza UNSC Don't even try it. Epic Purchase "Happy Hunting" from the Shop for 700 cR
Icon for the Standard Issue weapon coating. From Inside Infinite - July 2021 Standard Issue Materials Group Standard UNSC paint and materials. Common Unlocked by default
Icon of the Tundra Pursuit Coating. Tundra Pursuit UNSC Forget winter, this Spartan is coming for you. Epic Purchase "Snow Bird" from the Shop for 1,000 cR
Icon of the Verglas Memory Coating. Verglas Memory UNSC Serenity in a frozen blue waste. Epic Purchase "Fire and Frost" from the Shop for 2,000 cR
Icon of the Warmaster's Prize Coating. Warmaster's Prize UNSC Custom paint and materials. Common Unlocked in Halo Infinite campaign by accessing the Mjolnir Armory locker under a bridge northwest of FOB Echo