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A War Story....

It’s the 1950’s and the United States is at war with Korea. Wives, children, and husbands are separated by the salty sea. Some children are never capable of having the luxury of even knowing their father. This father, this husband, refuses to be lost and separated by water. By sea, by spirit, by life. His son will never know him, this father never to know his son, but his wife is to know who he is, who her son is, within years. There is never separation when there is strong love between husband and wife. There is never death when a man’s heart beats strong. This man has taken over a young and vulnerable soul and is now immortal.

(Note: I was unable to seperate the stanzas in order to have this piece in poetry form.)

~Now as Immortal

By Tia E.

Till death do us part,
as it has for me before,
For you I still live,
even after this death.
I died from loneliness,
steel bullets wedged between my ribs.
Blood from red to deep purple,
watching my fluids pool together.

~ A year before my body failed,
a baby was planted inside you, my wife.
Our son, now two years old,
you now...eighteen.
I'm not dead, but I cannot speak,
not for now, until I learn my language.
I wait to admit my truth,
gaze in your eyes again.

~ Twelve years shall pass.
I'll be coy,
but transparent,
matured and forever dedicated.
Till death do us part,
yet I am here, I am here.
Dry your tears over me,
for me.

You hold our son, me,
I won't shed a tear,
as much as I wish I could, I have many inside me.
I turn off your beading eyes,
I wrap my finger around your thumb,
which you painted a cold color,
to mourn my death.

My wish to curl all fingers in yours again.
Hold me until I can hold you,
I'll be the son you think I am,
I truly am, your husband,
in second form.

~My new body,
fresh heart and pink blood,
crawls to you within my two years.
Reaching you,
(I remember that same smile)
so young now,
it seems so long ago,
but soon the truth will come.

(Twelve years).
my wife cries,
she misses me,
but I am here.
(Twelve years.)

~ Years at five,
actions as previous times,
you find yourself saying "Just like your father...just like.."
(Nine years.)

My actions mature,
quick thinking,
and toning body,
and sweet nature I held for you my wife.

Dead body is gone and muscles,
I think, all features that caught your eye,
but this new body,
held in your care,
and traits as "my fathers."

~You're twenty-one,
I still at the hourless number of nine,
you question why I'm unlike any other child.

(I'm unlike anything,I'm back for you. To love.)

My thoughts of you will never end,
memories of our best days,
or the smooth body I used to hold,
my dedication.

~ Using the words of a child "mommy",
I find the opportunity to read the letters,
I wrote for you overseas.
Each letter ended with, Love.

(How I surely still love you.)

Sensitive angel,
tears form like pears next to your eyes,
Unexpectedly, I kiss your cheek the way I did long before.
I cannot bear to see those eyes water.

Widening and face gone cold,
you're shocked,
slide away and I am left alone,
with our letters printed with love.
This is when I cry.

~ Thirteen and one day before my day of birth.
Matured boy,
although familiar to you,
I understand the distance between us.

Your distance shows the love you have for me,
the pain you want to share,
the love you lost,
but I am here.
By day sun you shall hear.

Although I cannot bear this distance,
of my maturity in this body of a boy,
accept this message,
you will.

~ It's a new day, within a mirror.
Behind you, I tap your shoulder,
forced to turn, you see what I hold, for us,
I read it aloud.

~ Dear love,
The days are nasty in Korea. Shelters and the people here have been blown to pieces while others are severely wounded. I don't know if they'll make it...I don't know what to do either. I can think of is you and my goal is to come home. I miss you so much. I'm so sorry--

(My voice starts to deepen, rekindle,)

I'm safe for now, though. Our commander shipped us up north to a valley shelter. His word not mine...what ever the hell a valley shelter is... How's our baby doing? Read to our new one, his ears need your sweet voice. I can still hear it and it's the one thing that makes me sleep at night.... I love you and I'm always there-

(I sign and send.)

Love, your only man.

~ By now, your sobbing,
heart broken,
By now you know me,
have heard my voice,
and recognized this strange maturity.

Your 're chocolate-brown eyes look up at me.
I look back. Strong. Waiting for this moment.
I think, "fourteen",
my eyes look old,
stern, but happy.

Through those tears,
the light reflects,
my old self,
only none shall stay.

Now that you see,
your one husband.
trapped and patient in this body,
here I stand as immortal,
I take your hand and whisper as I did,
"your husband"

~ I'm twenty-two in a body,
full and grown.
Features of a middle-aged man,
beneath a coating.

Your looks, you, my wife,
of a beautiful middle-aged women.
I now call you beautiful now that I'm not hesitant,
for you know who I am.

You stare at me half confused,
but full of joy,
you know you cannot understand,
my wife,
who understands love?

The smile I gave you,
leads to a simple kiss,
but love heads us for an intimate date.

My hands caress your thighs as they have before,
your palms hold my neck,
your so close,
so happy,
so astounded,
your hard breath on me and my love for you....

~ It's been years since I let myself speak,
and here we are,
as we were,
as where we would have been,
your only man.

Your words and touch and eyes say,
what they needed during the time of hurt,
and now the time of care,
your sweet voice says,
I love you.

Any questions or comments on this write, feel free to mssg me. Or if you can even figure out the meaning, mssg me. ;)