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The Lockout Weekly Gets a Makeover
And she's looking better than ever

I have a little, make that big, surprise for you

Hello again, my friends. After a long and excruciatingly painful surgery, I have left my two-month rehabilitation program and strain my weak hands to peck at the keyes. My hospital stay has left you with any articles recently, so I am using my last energy to prop my sore back up against the chair, place my arms at my computer desk and...

Aww, who am I kidding. The truth is, I have been lazy, I have been succumbing to guilt in the decision that frequently comes forth to me all day long. "Play Halo, or write The Lockout Weekly?" Well, it must be obvious what my decision is, but do not fret, come September, the question that plagues my thoughts will morph to "Do Homework, or write The Lockout Weekly?" and the articles start pouring out. To hold you until then, I have a little, make that big, surprise for you. I won't tell you too much yet, but I will say that it is something both wanted by you, and helpful to the community at large (unless those guys over at Halopedia News beat me to the punch).

Another thing I want to talk about is something you have, hopefully, already noticed. After much experimentation, I have realized that the Blog format screws up a LOT of the coding and formatting I have wanted to have in The Lockout Weekly from the start, so instead of blog posts, I am going to set up a system on my own user sub-pages to both present and successfully archive all articles for re-viewing. I have also set up a template for articles, so they will stay somewhat comparable now in formatting terms. The new template also includes areas for Text, Images, and Video (as you can also see).

A problem I face, however, is that of broadcasting the release of a new article. Previously, it would show up in Blogs, that's it, and that's easy. Alas, with great gain comes great loss, and I am currently searching for a way to inform people of the splendor help upon these pages aside from spamming the IRC with a link every 5 minutes (However, if you found this page, it means I have already come up with an answer).

The Lockout Weekly Videos!
A showcase of our new video support in articles.


(It's not our video, don't hate us)