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Minuteman 2492
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January 20, 2013

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"Hi Ambrose! Sorry I haven't responded to your message, haven't logged in..."
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"I was banned again by Ajax_013. The log is as follows: [21:05] %26lt;Mi..."
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"Um, I just tried to join the Halopedia IRC, but it says i'm still banned..."
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"Sadly, I do not have any logs pertaining to the incident. Terribly sorr..."
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"Alright, thanks anyway ma'am."
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"Hey Dragonclaws, a while ago, I was on the Halopedia IRC, and I was doin..."
Hobbies & interests

Anything good Chicken Parm, Pizza, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Popcorn, anything good really Soda, Dihydrogen Oxide

Favorite Halo moment

When I got multiple assassinations in a row on Halo: Reach.

Worst Halo moment

When I sacrificed me, my friend, and our Warthog to the god of head-on Chopper/Warthog collisions.

Anything else

I support the URF against the UNSC. Avenge Far Isle!

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Left Halo Fanon tired of bullshit but I'm still here on Halopedia now and again.


Sorry, I'm not very familiar at all with the IRC and its goings on. Perhaps Grizzlei could help you out.