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July 31st, 1992

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About me

I love Halo. Wish I had a XBox so I play Custom Edition.

Hobbies & interests

NCIS Celldweller, Psyclon Nine, Feedme, Deathstars James Cameron Avatar, Asto Empires, Lost Planet 2, Halo Custom Edition, Halo Combat Evolved. Sushi, Pizza, Ramen Noodles Monster, Coffee, Water

Favorite Halo moment

A noob clan attacking me, and I kill them all with a pistol playing on a friends xbox.

Worst Halo moment

Being killed 10 minutes later by the same clan.

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Hey, since we're friends, I might as well give you a little piece of advice: if you want to upload a newer version of an existing image, then you need a least 5 edits in order to do this. Uploading a totally-new image will not be affected by this, unless I'm wrong about that and new users cannot upload new images until the have the prerequisite of 5 edits. And of course you have to have much experience and knowledge of the Halo universe.