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Xbox Gamertag
Halo Tidbits
Favorite Halo momentWhen I got killed by a marine because he threw a grenade and didn't know he killed me!! I laughed at that for like 2 minutes or less....
Worst Halo momentWhen I finally got in the forklift and some stupid covenant alien threw 3 plasma grenades and shot me with MY rifle and managed to blow up my favorite fork lift of all time...
Anything elseI'm kinda sorta obsessed with halo...
Other Information
Moviessyfy stuff
TVif its syfy it does well.
Musicanything goes.
BooksHalo series
Video gamesHALO!
Magazinesin touch weekly
Snacksyogurt, bbq chicken, oreos. thats it.
Drinksmtn dew, the offcial gaming drink
Personal Information
Real nameJazmine Hefling
LocationOmaha, Nebraska
HometownOmaha, Nebraska
BirthdaySeptember 18th
About meI'm actually a teenager who sits on the couch all day playing Halo while on the computer writing Halo facts in a journal and I manage to only be 110 lbs.??? Makes no sense.....
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