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Basic information

July 6th

Xbox gamertag
Personal information

Elementary (CBS's Sherlock Holmes).


I enjoy orchestral pieces and soundtracks.

Video games

Halo. That's a given, right? But I also enjoy Titanfall and the Transformers video game series.

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

I killed every Marine and Spartan at the beginning of "Reclaimer" before the Mammoth leaves the start point, then proceeding move their bodies into a massive pile in front of one of the Mammoth's front wheels. It's a shame that the bodies clipped through the wheel when it rolled over them...

Worst Halo moment

Joining a BTB game in progress with only one other person on my team, who then quit, against a full 8-player opposing team. I didn't quit...

Anything else

I played all the Halo games in almost perfect reverse order. I actually knew the story before I played the games.

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