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SL1D1nG Pr0Xy
Basic information
Real name

Will MacDonald


Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom


Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom


July 8th, 1995



Places I've lived

Grimshader (current)

Isle of Scalpay - 2010-2014 Lochs - 1995-2010


Sir E Scott Secondary School - 2010-2014

The Nicolson Institute - 2009-2010 Sgoil nan Loch - 2000-2009

About me

I'm a 19 year old guy who is going to be studying History and Archaeology in Lews Castle College UHI. I like reading, drawing, going to the main town on the Isle of Lewis, Stornoway and obviously, playing Halo. I prefer reading articles to actually editing although Imay point out points in articles that I feel warrants change. I've been playing Halo since CE, when I was six years old, and being somewhat of a Halo nerd, I believe that I know the vast majority of the facts of the franchise. Fairly new to the Forerunner side of things, however. I do have all the Halo games and novels, but I have yet to read the Kilo Five trilogy and the Forerunner saga. Once I do I will hopefully have a clearer understanding of that part of the Halo lore.

Xbox gamertag
Personal information

Band of Brothers

Saving Private Ryan Platoon Alien Quadrilogy Predator 1 and 2


The Walking Dead


Electronic Dance Music

Techno Chillstep House Deep House Dubstep


All Halo novels

All Gears of War novels

Video games

All Halo games

All Gears of War games All Call of Duty games All Crysis games GTA IV GTA V Red Dead Redemption The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Far Cry 3



Spaghetti bolognese Macaroni cheese Burger and chips Golden nuggets (best cereal ever!)


Doritos Pringles Mint imperials


Coca Cola

Red Bull Various alcoholic beverages (on nights out)

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

Beating Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty, solo when I was younger (OMW what an achievement!)

Worst Halo moment

Meeting the Jackal Snipers in Halo 2 Legendary (Grrrr HATE THEM SOOO MUCH!!!)

Anything else

I am a regular Legendary difficulty player, and can say that I have completed every Halo game (even Halo Wars) on Legendary. I actually enjoy Campaign significantly more than Multiplayer, for whatever reason. Am always eager to learn more about the awesome Halo universe.

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