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Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, South Park and NCIS Halo: Reach is my favourite game. My second best is probley CoD Black Ops. Anything realy I love Orange Juice

Favorite Halo moment

I love the part at the end of Halo: Reach where Noble Six sacrifices himself to destroy the Covenant CCS-Class Battleship with the MAC Gun. I like this bit because it shows you Noble six's heroism and you get to finally take revenge on the Field Marshall that killed Noble 2, Catherine.

Worst Halo moment

My worst Halo moment was at the end of Halo 2 when the game just ends when I thought Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 was finaly going to kill the Prophet of Truth, but I eventually saw the bright side when the third halo game came out and I liked the ending of that because the Arbiter got his revenge.

Anything else

I like the Halo Universe because almost all of the imformation about it is carried on instead of them coming up with lots of different explainations for everything.

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