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I've decided to start keeping track of my major contributions (not in chronological order).

  1. Transcription (1 & 2) of the first terminal on Halo 3.
  2. Saving the Blood article.
  3. Creation of the Incubus article.
  4. Creation of the Forerunner Elevators article as a sister page to the Forerunner Bridges article.
  5. Providing a Forum:Image Competition|venue, if you will, for many images of objects and actions that Halopedia did not already have.
  6. Adding the ratings template and/or era template to hundreds of pages.
  7. Creation of the Forerunner Infobox template.
  8. Creation of a section noting the changes in the Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher from one game to another.
  9. Creation of a section noting the changes in the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle from one game to another.


3C B3 71 --> 00 80 80 --> 00 00 CD

60 179 113 --> 0 128 128 --> 00 00 205

H A - first color

L O P - gradient

E D - second color

I A M - gradient

A N - third color

HA: 60 179 113 --> 3C B3 71

L: 45 166 117 --> 2D A6 75

O: 30 153 121 --> 1E 99 79

P: 15 140 125 --> 0F 8C 7D

ED: 0 128 128 --> 00 80 80

I: 0 96 147 --> 00 60 93

A: 0 64 166 --> 00 40 A6

M: 0 32 185 --> 00 20 B9

AN: 0 0 205 --> 00 00 CD

<span style="color: #3CB371; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''HA'''</span><span style="color: #2DA675; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''L'''</span><span style="color: #1E9979; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''O'''</span><span style="color: #0F8C7D; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''P'''</span><span style="color: #008080; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''ED'''</span><span style="color: #006093; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''I'''</span><span style="color: #0040A6; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''A'''</span><span style="color: #0020B9; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''M'''</span><span style="color: #0000CD; font-family: Courier; font-size: 12pt;">'''AN'''</span>


4chan Attacks and Ensuing Investigation

As some of you are aware, 4chan launched a major attack against #halopedia. Because I was on CGI which is epic laggy, I was unable to do anything about it. This got me kinda pissed off. So here is the entire process:

Let's start with Smoke's logs of the attack. No need to read the whole thing, instead look at the first line.

* Sir_Bradfordshir (n=6161a7b1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia

See the n=6161a7b1? That's hexadecimal notation for someone's IP address. Convert each pair of Hexadecimal characters into a single, "normal," number, put a period in between, and that's the person's IP.

While we wondered what was causing this attack, Halopediaman found out it was due to a 4chan thread (which has since been deleted), encouraging users to go on the channel and rat on Halo and "Listen to the Halo fanboys scream." The person who first posted had the username "Sir Bradfordshire." When I was made aware of this, I googled the name to get a lead. All I got was a Wikipedia account by the same name. Also, CommanderTony told me that he had a slight suspicion that the perpetrator was a user by the name of "Martinez," as he was known to frequent 4chan.

All quotations are from memory, I have no logs of this:
When Martinez joined, I immediately recognized his Hostname as possibly one of the spammer,s though with nothing but I hunch I could take no action. I decided to ask Martinez if he had a Wikipedia account, perhaps he would simply tell me "Sir Bradfordshire," hopefully he wasn't that smart. I asked under the pretext of "I want to get to know users so i can get connected." He told me he has no Wikipedia account, as "Wikipedia is a bitch." We then discussed, in specific, how it's a pain to upload images. Choosing the right copyright and licensing and whatnot. He had me sold, until I realized that he knew quite a bit about this topic, more than someone without an account would care to know. When I questioned him on that, he told me stop pm-ing him, and completely shut me out. On top of that, he had an engaging discussion with the admins immediately after, unusual behavior for him. Because he lied, my suspicion strengthened.

The next day, I am talking on the channel, when Martinez joins. I immediately notice that his hostname is different. I realize he's probably knows I'm suspicious of him, and has attempted to change his IP to avoid being caught. At this point in time, I get Smoke's logs of the attack. I then dig into my own logs, and find the logs from #halopedia when I asked Martinez about Wikipedia. Here's the link.

I press CTRL + F ("Find," I can search the log for a specific word), put in "Martinez" and get his join:

[2009-12-16 19:56:14] -->| Martinez (n=6161a7b1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia

Now compare and isolate the hostnames:

Sir_Bradfordshir: n=6161a7b1
Martinez: n=6161a7b1

The individual who initiated the attack on #halopedia and Martinez have the exact same IP. Nice try, but not good enough. Game over.

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