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Basic information
Real name

Jacob Gale


Waltham, Canada


Waltham, Canada


August 18th


I work at a greenhouse and hunting and fishing store.

Places I've lived

Waltham that's it.



About me

I also enjoy Star Wars as well as Transformers and I have a keen interest in WWII, I also do quite an abnormal amount of fishing and am quite an avid hockey fan with lots of knowledge in the NHL ( National Hockey League)

Xbox gamertag
Personal information

In no specific order...Star Wars Saga (yes including prequels) Lord of the Rings,The Rocky movies, Back to the Future trilogy,the godfather, the fist two terminator movies, pulp fiction, First Jurassic park, Anchorman, 300 the list goes on ....


Not much, the walking dead, Star Wars the clone wars , Pawn stars and storage wars that's about it.


Quite honestly anything really (other than country, even if I live there it's still garbage to me)I could be listening to Journey one day,the other Skrillex , then Eminem and finish off with some Rolling Stones.


Halo books (obviously) the Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Alex Rider, the Hardy Boys.

Video games

Halo (really ?) Battlefield, Grand theft auto, Saints row, the elder scrolls, Fallout, , half-life , gmod,Planetside 2, the Star Wars battlefronts, NHL, Forza, World of Tanks, assassins creed, Simulators, old command and conquer games and old 1980 's games such as Mario bros. and PAC-man and robo-tron to name a few.




TURKEY DINNER FTW, Chinese, steak,ribs, bacon, poutine, cinnamon toast crunch, Alfredo fettuccine, meat lovers pizza, baconators, chicken chow mein , ice cream cake, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, walleye (type of fish) lobster and crab legs.


Captain Morgans spiced rum , crown royal, any type of beer, sourpuss, vodka coca-cola mountain dew, iced tea, fruit punch, orange juice, water, milkshakes.

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

In Halo 2 at the ending of the mission "gravemind" when in the final room Elite Ultras and Hunters fight against Brutes and Drones with the song "Blow me away" by Breaking Benjamin plays in the background.

Worst Halo moment

Halo CE, Library.... On lengendary.... Oh god.

Anything else

I also enjoyed any large scaled battles that took place over the course of all the games(such as Tip of the spear from halo:Reach and the Ark and Covenant both from Halo 3.

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