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Always sign into Anthony’s powtoon Everything highlighted= done Everything not highlighted= no voiceover Terrence: Captain America, Deathstroke, and Voice 2 inside Deadpools head. Anthony: Deadpool, Spider-man, and Voice 1 inside Deadpools head.

                                    Scene 1: Ottawa, Canada.

1st slide Deadpool: Man, today is boring. 2 sec Voice 1: Yeah. 2 to 2.5 Voice 2: Yeah. 2.5 to 3 Voice 1: Let’s find someone to fight. 3.5 to 4 Voice 2: Sure, why not. 5 to 5.5 Deadpool: Alright. 6 to 6.5 Scene 2: Inside Ottawa. Captain America: Looks peaceful enough. 7 to 7.5 Deadpool: Drop kick! 8 to 8.5 Voice 2: Nice and subtle. 9 to 10 Captain America: What the… 11 to 11.5 Deadpool: Hey, I’m bored. Wanna fight? 11.5 to 13 Captain America: No. 14 to 14.5 Voice 1: Really? We don’t CARE!!!! 15 to 16 Voice 2: Let’s get on with it 17.5 18.5 Deadpool: ok then 19 to 20 2nd slide guys we will Captain America: Who exactly are you talking to? Deadpool: Well, you see, there are little voices in my head. Wait, what the heck am I doing, that’s it we’re fighting now. Captain America: NO were NOT. Deadpool: Too bad 

Scene 3: Canada’s part of the Rocky Mountains

Ahmya Jackson-White Tiger: This pillow is really comfortable these Flight attendants really know how to give you service. Deathstroke: EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND NOW. White Tiger: ok everybody just listen to him. Deathstroke: Oh well aren’t you 3rd slide just the smart one. You heard her GET DOWN AND NOBODY GETS HURT. White Tiger: wait can I go to the bathroom. Deathstroke: WHA NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White Tiger: fine whatever. Deathstroke: ok. Now the pilot. White Tiger: not on my watch. Deathstroke: WHA!!!! Deadpool: DROPKICK! Cap: I’m not gonna fight you Deadpool: Once again, we don’t care. Cap: Fine. Bring it, you weirdo. Slide 4 Deadpool: FINALLY! Some fun. Cap: Taste my shield!! Deadpool: What shield? CRACK! Deadpool: Oh, that shield. Cap: Ha. Deadpool: Now, really. It’s my turn. Eat my fist and kicks! Cap: No, thank you. CRACK! POW! Deadpool: CHEATER! YOU BLOCKED MY ATTACKS! Deathstroke: NO!!! I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE $1,000,000!!! Deathstroke: Ow… White Tiger: Having fun, yet? Deathstroke: Yes. Haveing fun. Slide 5 White Tiger: What? Deathstroke: There’s a sword in your chest. White Tiger: Now that you mention it, there is a sword in my chest. Why doesn’t it hurt? Deathstroke: It’s designed to wound Deathstroke: hey is it me or is that ground getting very very close. White Tiger: no I think it’s just you ohhhhhhhh crap! Thump! Slice! White Tiger: Ow… Deathstroke: *Huff* that’s… more… like… it… *Puff*.

Slide 6 Deathstroke: Ow… hurts to move.

Deadpool: HEY! MORE FIGHTERS! LET’S DO THIS! White Tiger: Awwwwww, my nail I just got a pedicure. Deathstroke: OH WELL BOOOOOHOOOO YOU WANT COOKIE Announcer: TO BE CONTINUED Deadpool: Hey that’s not fair we were just getting to the good part Voice1: yeah come on. Announcer: fine there will be a preview. Voice1: YAY. Voice2: Thanks Announcer: Yeah Yeah. Deadpool: we all know you want to see this gorgeous face but you’ll have to wait after this preview.