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I've been playing Halo since the day it released on 11/15/2001, (when I was only 10 dude) I'm 21 now and I own every game with the Halo brand on it.(and they're all the Limited/Legendary editions) Not to mention every novel, comic and graphic novel. And I have a 'certain affinity' (lol) for all the action figures by McFarlane Toys and building sets by Mega Blocks. I'm a nerd, I know. But I'm a Halo nerd. And that's the best kind.

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Favorite Halo moment

Driving around in the M12G1 LAAV, like a boss with my best buddy gunning,who's getting all kinds of sprees. Also like a boss :D

Worst Halo moment

seeing your dead player come out of armor lock, when you know you hit it before the baddies killed you.

Anything else

Fuck Call Of Duty. That is all.

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