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Unidentified weapon

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Unidentified weapon
Screenshot from A New Generation of a mysterious weapon in Halo Infinite.
Production overview

This unidentified weapon makes its debut appearance in Halo Infinite.[1]


Design details[edit]

The weapon fires purple plasma-like explosive projectiles in two different firing modes. When in the first firing mode, both sides of the front cowling are extended outward and it fires six projectiles in a horizontal pattern. The second firing mode has the side cowlings retract inward to fire the six projectiles in a vertical diamond pattern. In both modes, the projectiles can bounce off of hard surfaces like walls and ceilings. Upon exploding, the projectiles can disintegrate organic targets, like many Promethean weapons.[1]


Halo Infinite[edit]

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Production notes[edit]

This weapon was first revealed in the A New Generation multiplayer gameplay trailer, released on June 13, 2021.[1]


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