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"GRD" armor
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Technical specifications

An unidentified armor set, nicknamed "GRD armor" by the community,[1] was cut from Halo: Reach's Anniversary Map Pack. It had previously been featured in promotional material for the Defiant Map Pack,[2][3] and reportedly appeared in the Armory of a Bungie employee on Bungie Day 2011.[4] The armor was not spoken about officially until February 11th, 2012, when 343 Industries employee David Ellis confirmed that 343 had intended to release the armor alongside the Anniversary Map Pack, but that it had been cut due to time and resource constraints.[5]


The armor set includes at least a helmet and a chest piece. Its helmet is quite blocky in shape, with the top and each of the sides being mostly flat. It lacks a traditional visor, instead featuring a grey metal plate set into the helmet, with a large circular lens-like apparatus in front of the wearer's right eye. Beneath this, the helmet appears to include some form of breathing equipment around the user's mouth. There is a cylindrical protrusion on either side of the helmet made of grey metal, at roughly where the wearer's ears would be located. No images exist in which the chest piece is not obstructed, but it appears to feature a dark grey metal collar encircling the user's neck.



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