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Unidentified UNSC frigate class

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Unidentified frigate
The UNSC Panama on Highpower.
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This unidentified classification of frigate is employed by the UNSC Navy.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The frigate bears some superficial design similarities to the Paris-class heavy frigate and Charon-class light frigate, as opposed to the more radical departure in design style found in the similarly-post-war frigate classes used by the UNSC (primarily the Strident and Anlace). The largest difference from other similar frigate classes involves the complete lack of a lower deployment bay or cargo storage area. Additionally, the ship is more concentrated around a central frame, with the ship's fusion drives situated relatively close to the ship's horizontal axis, rather than placed more afar like those of the Paris. The wings on either side of the frigate are more skeletal in nature, rather than the bulked overlapping armour of the older frigate classes.


The frigate's primary armament consists of a MAC-like spinally-mounted weapon. When firing, the weapon must charge before emitting a short blue beam. Unlike traditional MACs, the weapon is not fired from a barrel and firing mechanism amid one of the frigate's hulls, but instead from between the dual hulls. The frigate boasts several point-defense guns and Archer missile pods for secondary armaments.

Operational history[edit]

These frigates were operational by the time of the Installation 07 conflict in late 2559. During the campaign, the UNSC Panama was present over Zeta Halo.[1][2] At least one such ship crashed on the ring during or after the Battle for Installation 07.[3]

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