UH-144 Falcon/Gameplay

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  • During Winter Contingency, Noble Team's Falcon can provide fire support during the first section of the mission.
  • The Falcon used in the level Tip of the Spear is equipped with semi-automatic grenade launchers which can produce an EMP effect when the trigger is held down, then released to manually detonate the grenade. This EMP can shut down enemy vehicles.
  • The player pilots a Falcon during the level New Alexandria which is equipped with a pilot-controlled, chin-mounted autocannon that has a larger field of fire, and is more accurate and more powerful than the side-mounted machine guns (this is not in multiplayer). In Co-Op on this level, other players can ride in the passenger seats of one or fly their own, as there will be an extra Falcon with mounted Grenade Launchers.
  • When piloting the Falcon, the player can face one side of the Falcon towards attacking Banshees, allowing an ally to open fire on them. Skilled pilots will place their craft to put their gunners in an optimum position to fire upon a target.


  • The Falcon's side-mounted machine guns are extremely short-ranged and the pilot will need to take this into account when attacking a target.
  • Players must keep moving to avoid being hijacked by players using the Jetpack armor ability. Beware of hijacking a Falcon with gunners, though, as they will continue firing on your allies which may force them to destroy the Falcon with you still aboard.
  • The cockpit area takes roughly double damage from all weapons compared to the rest of the vehicle. Approximately eight sniper rifle rounds is required to destroy a Falcon. Explosives are slightly more effective, with one or two Plasma Launcher rounds stuck to the cockpit being enough to destroy the Falcon in most situations, as well as Plasma Grenades. A single Spartan Laser shot will also destroy it.
  • The Falcon has a unique ability most players are unaware of: a greatly extended Motion Tracker Range. It is even capable of detecting hostile players that normally wouldn't show up (not moving, crouched, players using the 'Active Camo' armor ability, etc). This applies to everyone in the Falcon, regardless of position or species. Players can use this to their teams advantage when piloting one by informing team mates on the ground of the locations of enemies.
  • While the Falcon can be used to insert players near enemy objectives, players carrying objective items cannot ride in Falcons, as there is no "passenger seat". The carrier can stand on the top of the Falcon, however, though he must walk continuously in same direction it's travelling as to not fall off. A clumsy player who is not careful may also be killed by the Falcon's rotating propellers or simply fall off it.
  • Pilots must remember to keep at least one side of their Falcon trained on opposing players to allow allies to provide fire support for team mates on foot. Skilled pilots will coordinate with their gunners to keep the nose pointed directly at an enemy and focus weapons' fire on a single target.
  • The Falcon can be used to re-locate snipers, as it can reach otherwise inaccessible vantage points for the sniper. However, players must be aware of Kill and Soft-Kill areas.
  • It is unwise to engage heavy armor with the Falcon, as it possesses no heavy anti-vehicle weapons, and cannot carry passengers with such weapons. A single hit from a Scorpion or Type-26 Wraith will destroy the Falcon. Making full use of the Falcon's superior maneuverability is highly advised.
  • In addition to performing poorly against heavy vehicles and weapons, its armor is weak enough that smaller arms fire from weapons such as the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle can severely damage it with one or two magazines, as is true for most vehicles in Halo: Reach.
  • It is also unwise to attempt to splatter with a Falcon, as its forward speed is rather slow compared to ground vehicles like the Ghost or Warthog, and missing the intended target can leave the Falcon open to boarding by its victim.
  • It is difficult to do so, but Falcons can avoid locked-on rockets by letting it fly through the passenger bay. Face your opponent head on initially, wait until after the rocket's been locked on, then turn the Falcon to face one side towards the firer. The Falcon must be turned after the lock-on, or else the rocket will simply lock onto a different part of the aircraft.
  • The Falcon can also be used as a psychological weapon. Because it can climb high over the battlefield, the presence (or lack of) gunners in the side seats can be enough to make the enemy team shift their attention to the Falcon, rather than infantry or vehicles on the ground.