Second Squad (Installation 04)

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Second Squad (Installation 04)
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UNSC Marine Corps




Battle of Installation 04




Second Squad was a squad of standard UNSC Marine Corps personnel present during the Battle of Installation 04. The squad suffered heavy casualties when a mission to secure a supposed weapons cache went awry.


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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They had joined with the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and were transported via Pelican Dropship Victor 933, along with Captain Keyes in the mission to find the Covenant "Weapons Cache", which was in reality a Flood Containment Facility, which they did not realize at the time[1].

They found the Flood first one level below the level Fire Team Charlie was on.[notes 1] Their commander, corporal Lovik, radioed in to Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson to report that several Marines had been killed already, before his transmission cut, presumably due to an attacking infection form.

All but a few managed to head up the elevator to the ground floor, while two or more Marines (more bodies can be found) stayed down before being eventually killed when there were overwhelmed by the Flood. Those two are killed moments after the Master Chief arrives on the level.

The group at the top, consisting of over a dozen Marines, led by corporal Lovik, followed the Master Chief outside to a tower where Foe Hammer, the pilot of Pelican Echo 419, was to pick them up. However, they were ambushed by the Flood. Even though 343 Guilty Spark arrived, with sentinels to aid them, the Marines did not hold up well against the Flood, and most were killed in the fighting. Any survivors were confirmed KIA when the Master Chief destroyed the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactors, destroying the ringworld.


The squad leader, at least after the initial Flood encounter, was Cpl. Lovik. PFC. Chips Dubbo also served with this squad during the mission, having been transferred over from Fire Team Charlie.

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  1. ^ This is evident through the presence of corpses; converted humans and two Marines near an elevator to the surface