Quick Reload

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Quick Reload
Button Combo(s)

X - Y - Y or X - B - X


Reload, but instant nullification of reload time - instantaneous reload

Other Information
Weapon Required

Secondary weapon equipped (XYY), only primary weapon (XBX)

Host Information



Quick Reload is a button combo present in Halo 2. It allows a player to instantaneously reload their weapon. It is executed by pressing X+Y+Y.

After a certain time in a reload animation, the weapon is reloaded. However, this combo allows players to cancel the reload animation and immediately fire their weapon again. More specifically, pressing Y switches weapons and cancels the reload animation; double-tapping the button switches from and then back to the current weapon. This also works to cancel out the Energy Sword's "reload time", since there is a delay after a sword lunge.

Players lacking a secondary weapon can use the combination X+B+X. The combination works similarly in such an instance, with B (melee) canceling the reload animation and the second X press canceling the melee. B should be pressed just as a new magazine or clip has been inserted into the player's weapon.