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This article contains information about a fan-made subject that is not considered a part of the official Halo universe.
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OpenSauce (abbreviated as "OS") is an open source C++ and .NET-based utility suite for the Halo games and is produced by Kornner Studios[1]. Currently, OS has only been officially released for the Halo: Custom Edition.[2] The current release version is 4.0.0[2]


Full project details can be found in the OS end-user wiki on the project's site.[3]

End-User Triforce[edit]

OS targets three types of end users: developers, modders, and gamers.

  • Developers have access to the project's source code, enabling them to come up with new engine features or to add to the custom tool set. Developers empower Modders.
  • Modders use the HEK extensions to create new custom tags, as well as make use of new upgrades and settings. Modders supply Gamers with new content.
  • Gamers have access to settings which are specific to them (eg, in the Halo1 edition they can change their in-game weapon views). Gamers feed Developers with new goals.


The OpenSauce codebase offers tools and engine extensions for multiple game platforms.


OS for Halo: Custom Edition extends the functionality and the graphic capabilities of the decade-old engine such as introducing phong-based specular highlighting on dynamic objects and post-processing systems.[1]

Engine Upgrades[edit]

  • Increased memory limits
  • New tag groups (eg, project_yellow)
  • New script functions and globals.[4]
  • New rendering upgrades
  • And more





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