Hunt the Truth Season 2/Transcripts/PRE

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{Lots of typing noises and panting thoughout}

Maya Sankar: When I… joined the cause, I never imagined I’d end up here. Talking to you like this. Benjamin Giraud, Petra, they… they like talking into microphones. It’s their superpower. Me I… I never saw any of this for my life, I had aspirations, hope for a better future for myself, for my friends… but it all got corrupted... just twisted. Until I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.

{Slurp of a drink}

But you don’t even care about that do you? No, you just wanna know how we got here. You heard Ben's story, the journalist turned ONI scapegoat. Mines a different kind of story, perhaps it's not exactly what you were expecting but. This is my story. The story of FERO.