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This project has been discontinued. Any activities discussed here have been postponed indefinitely. Do not edit the contents of this page.

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Clone Troopers (SPARTAN-984)

I got the pictures up. One to the left and one to the right. Either way, here's my parody.

The Halopedian squadron resting up after a mission. (Sorry about the size, you'll need to click the picture to get it better.
The Halopedian squad at attention.


Why: CommanderTony is a dedicated man, a great leader, and he probably (guessing) should be a strategic thinker, which puts him in the role of Delta Squad's commander.


Why: Fixer is technical and so is 077. Both are great men, and 077 is a leader of Halopedia, while 40 is second in command of Deltas. Fits like a jigsaw piece.

RC-1207-Sev=Ajax 013

Why: Ajax and Sev are kill-crazed maniacs and are deadly shots with sniper rifles. Well, Ajax is a deadly shot with anything you give him, so it works.


Why: Well, me and Scorch are comic relief and both like making humongous explosions.

Fellowship of the Rings (Kougermasters)

1221021893 Thefellowshipoftheringadmins.JPG

This is my first parody thing; I don't know if this theme has been done before, it probably has been, but I don't care. I added all the admins, and I also added Forgottenlord, because of all of his contributions, mainly the SCoH.

Star Wars - Clone Commanders (Spirit-of-HALO)

I tried my best to portray each Halopedian I knew to the right character.

CommanderTony portrays Commander Cody, he is loyal and a competent soldier that leads the 212 Attack Battalion.
Bly mostly portrays Manticore, quiet, loyal, but rough to his troops, he leads the 327th Star Corps.
Commander Bacara resembles Dragonclaws. Sort of a loner, gut humorous in bad situations. He leads the 21st Nova Corps.
Commander Neyo portrays RelentlessRecusant, smart, and very resourceful. He leads the 91st Reconnaissance Corps.
Simonrjh takes the role of "Gree", he's always curious...
"Deviss" can be me I guess. Trained, fought, got promoted, and what not...
This can be to you all "Veteran" Halopedians.


Titanic (Kougermasters)

This is it, Halopedians in Titanic! Each notable Halopedian that I know of (including me!) has been parodied into a character from the movie Titanic, which most of you (if not all of you) have seen since it's release in 1997. Most of you know the story of the RMS Titanic, so I'm not going into details.

Commander Tony as Caledon (Cal) Hockley from the movie Titanic. He is the female protagonist's (Rose) fiancee, and he's not very happy about her new boyfriend, Jack. He is the main antagonist in the movie.
Dragonclaws as Captain Edward J. Smith from the movie Titanic. He was the captain of the real ship, Titanic and he unfortunately perished in the sinking. Sorry Dragonclaws.
EwCDnaudee as Thomas Andrews from the movie Titanic. He was the designer of the Titanic and he perished in the sinking. He was a brave man and he sacrificed himself to help people until the end.
The ex-ex-admin (double negative!) HaloDude as 1st Officer William Murdoch from the movie Titanic. He was 1st Officer of the Titanic and he died during the sinking. There are theories that he shot himself, but those have not been proven.
The one and only ImperatorExercitus as the one and only Jack Dawson, the protagonist of the movie Titanic.
Manticore (left) and Blemo (right) as the lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee from Titanic. They both survived the sinking.
Simon rjh as the owner of the Titanic, Bruce Ismay. He survived the sinking.
Of course I absolutely had to include Subtank. Subtank gets to be Rose DeWitt Bukater, the protagonist of the movie Titanic. CommanderTony apparently does NOT like Rose AT ALL.
My friend, the unfortunate Zeno Panthakree as the much loved and unfortunate side-kick to Jack, Fabrizio, who was crushed by the Titanic's first funnel (smokestack) while trying to swim for safety.
That's me, Kougermasters as the infamous iceberg that was just floating about minding it's own business when suddenly the Titanic smashed into it. The Titanic then sank, of course. Ouch.
Specops306 as the Titanic itself! Of course, most of you (if not all of you) know the story of the infamous RMS Titanic that sank on April 15th, 1912 after hitting an iceberg the previous day.
This is Specops306 as the Titanic dying. Yep, the ship is flooding, sinking, all of the lifeboats are gone, and there are still 1,500 people on the ship. Blame me.

I hope you enjoyed that, it was really hard work; users featured in this blog don't take offense! It is for entertainment purposes only. Tell me what you think!

Saving Private Ryan (Spartan6)

Sipa private ryan 071112 ssh-1-.jpg

This is my first parody. These users who I put in it are ones on the IRC, they helped me with who should be who and I would like to thank them for their help.

Halo (Lovemuffin)


This is my first (and most likely last) parody as well. I created this a couple months ago in June. I believe that all parody makers need to make parodies structured like this. Though a full blog, it was created before the Parodies Guidelines were passed, and it fits under the Required Standards. I hope you enjoy the round table of the veterans.

I don't know why they others did not do this, but a list of users is required...

Members (Clockwise):

Users not included in the image, but still deserving of recognition:

Covenant Battlecruiser (Thecairocat)

This one is a wikia class battlecruiser, the Halo of Pedia, and is on a mission to inform all humans about the wonders of the great rings.


CommanderTony: The engine pods, he pushes the ship along, without it, it would stay in a perpetual state of glitchy programming and old skins.

Dragonclaws: These funny wing things look unique and quirky, but they prevent the ship from tumbling into a downward cataclysm.

Simon rjh: A newly installed part, this is an extra power pack that provides general power to all areas and has yet to be specialized in one field.

Specops306: The Slipspace Drive. Most of the time it sits and purrs, waiting for it's next use, but when the Halo of Pedia ever needs to get somewhere fast, out of a tight spot or on to the next planet, he charges up and moves fast.

Manticore: The enormous turrets you can't really see, until they blast in the face of an unsuspecting vandal.

RelentlessRecucant: The shiny curved metal thing that supports the bridge. Without it, well, the entire head would fall off.

HaloDude: The main frontal section, this provides a survivable environment for all personnel, and makes sure nothing gets out of control.

Halopedians in Red vs. Blue! (Spirit-of-HALO)


Halopedians in a parody again! O well, this been planned for days now, so here you go, Halopedians in Red vs. Blue!

Halowars (Sub-71)

To be truly honest, It took me about three to four hours to get this right, First what I did was, I wrote all the names of the people that need to be included, (And then I went on to the irc to find more people like Delta-269 and gunner), Then read each of their profiles, comments and also I related their rank to the picture (aka admins up front etc) and also their kindness and 'regularness' in halopedia like (ImperatorExceritus, Kougermasters, Odsseas-spartan-53, Spirit of Fire, Halonerd147 etc) then got the two images and begun to sort everyone into the catagory that best suits them. eg CT is up front looking as badass as he is awesome in the Human army. While EwCDnaudee is looking awesome as the commander of the Elites with the lit sword.


And then....


Team Fortress 2 (SPARTAN-984)

I've recently got into TF2, so I'm gonna make who should be which class.

Halopedians in Team Fortress 2 Redux.jpg

Pyro=Manticore. Manticore likes harming people fast, which the Pyro does. He also almost never talks, also a Pyro trademark.

Engineer=CommanderTony. Both are relatively calm.

Spy=SPARTAN-077, cause he's sneaky.

Heavy Weapons Guy=Me, because I'm obsessed with guns, liek the Heavy (although I don't name the guns I do have).

Sniper=LtChurch, because he and the Sniper are Australian.

Scout=unluckynumber11, because he's practically new but around for a bit, like the Scout, who's the youngest class in TF2.

Soldier=BananaCat. He's dumb, and so is the Soldier. The Soldier's deadly, however, while BC dies whenever someone says eleventy. Oops.

Demoman=Meat and Taters. He likes making humongous explosions. Ask him.

Medic=Jaws. She likes causing pain. Causing pain while healing people. And the brand of pain: a minigun firing syringes. Exactly like the Medic.

Star Wars: Jedi (EliteMaster117)

This has been done before, but not specifically with Jedi from SW. Here it goes,

  • CT: Yoda (Ultimate, un-understandable.)
  • Blemo: Anakin Skywalker (The younger, more foolish one. But cool at matrix like moves.)
  • Subbles: Jocasta Nu (The elderly Librarian.)
  • Ajax: Rahm Kota (Great, but tainted and crazy!)
  • AJ: Mace Windu (He's colored, tough, and purple, what could be wrong!)
  • Specops306: Kit Fisto (Knowledgeable, cool, and calm.)
  • SoH: Ki-Adi-Mundi (He's got a big head! JK!)
  • Kougermasters: Serra Keto (Young, tough, and, now, a Spirit.)
  • RR: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Stealthy, cool, he's nobody's fool!)

Please say if I forgot you, and if the whole website knows you. If you are a recruit named Hithere, or something close to that, you won't get in. Thanks anyways!

Stargate: SG-1 (ODST Joshie)


Unluckynumber11: As Tealc: Both funny and say some really funny -but stupid- things.

TheVerve: As Col.Samantha Carter: Both intelligent, and pretty. ;)

Ajax-013: As Major General.Jack O'Neill.: Both incredibly sarcastic, and funny; also fail to grasp the bigger picture.

CT:As Major General.George Hammand: Both take no shit, and are both great leaders.

RR: As Dr.Daniel Jackson: Both Hyper intelligent, and nice.

Subbles: As Dr.Janet Frasier: Both enjoy helping people and both are incredibly pleasant.


(Note: I know I spelt Reacusant wrong. Get over it. :P)

Halopedian Trading Card Game! (Ghost sangheili)


Yes! It's finally here! What we've all been waiting for and are going to trample people to death for at your local Wal-Mart! The Halopedian Trading Card Game! Now we release Series I, with a whopping 17 cards! They all belong to the Admin, IRC Ops, Rollbackers or Other class!

HP: 462
target has been smashed to a
red paste in a swift fashion.

Please Shut the Fuck Up - Your
target is now unable to act for
the next five turns.

Fleet Admiral.jpg
HP: 173
Srs Admonin Bznz - Everything
about your target is erased,
even memories of your target in
other people's minds are erased.

Troll Speak - Your target is
stunned while it tries to decipher
what Manticore has said. (2x
multiplier if Ghost Sangheili is

HP: 273
Neuroscience Lecture - All of
your opponent's active cards
are now asleep, and will be for
quiet some time.

Beware the Cabal - Your
target and his/her family have
mysteriously vanished, but people
know better than to question why.

Simon rjh
HP: 58
Salmon rjh - Your target is
now being brutally slapped
around with a large trout.

Reclaimer - As a Reclaimer of
the former AoH, Simon rjh has
the ability to demote a
target (cut it's HP in half).

HP: 138
#Gruntcorner - HaloDude lures
your target to it, only to be
scarred for life by such a place.

Banhammer - fwa-GSSSSHHH.
And now your target has been
beaten down by the mighty

Armoiries de La Grange.png
HP: 268
Beehive - As the Canon master
his numerous beehives
will consume you with nerdiness.

Un-hammer - One of your fallen
cards is restored to play with full

HP: 234
Special:Log/protect - Any of one of
your active cards is invincible for the
next three turns.

Subtle Tank - A sneaky M808B just
got around your target's defenses
and blew the shit out of it.

Ajax 013
Ajax 013-1.gif
HP: 89
The Complex - Your target is
now convinced Ajax 013 is God. It
defects to your deck in fear of being

Fanon - Ajax 013 can summon any
vehicle or beast from anything in
his Necros Universe.

HP: 62
Lt.Gen.Delta - Delta-269 has
morphed into Lt.Gen.Delta, your
target is now scared shitless.

/wrath - Remove one of your
opponent's cards from play, and
all of your opponent's active cards
of "IRC Op" level are temporarily

HP: 20
Mode #halopedia +m - Your
target cannot use any attacks for
three more turns, and is going to
have a major hissy fit.

Kickstick - Remove your target
from active play and shuffle it
into your opponent's deck.

Ghost Sangheili
Gold helmet.jpg
HP: 158
NO U - Flip a coin. If heads, your
target has rage quit. If tails,
your opponent's previous attack is
inflicted on your target.

Spelling Fail - Your target's
brain has now exploded. (2x
multiplier if Manticore is active).

Agent Blemo.jpg
HP: 179
Blemism - Your target has
been converted to Blemism, and
therefore must follow all orders it
receives from Blemo.

Don't Press It - Your target
has fallen for Blemo's ALT+F4
trick, making your target a
complete imbecile.


HP: 42
Rickroll - With a little help from
Nicmavr's rickroll powers, your
target now has an intense hate
for Rick Astley.

Comrades - The Cypriot National
Guard is coming to whoop your
target's ass.

HP: 103
Rollback - Your opponent's three
most recent actions have all been

Sharpshooter - Using his trusty
SRS 99D-S2 AM, two of your
opponent's cards have gaping
holes in their faces.

Azzt Rhell
HP: 14
Quit Message - Once your
target had read the statement,
he had lost the game.

Yub Yub! - Azzt Rhell has can
summon any one thing from the
Star Wars Universe, and it is under
his command.

The looking glass.jpg
HP: 6
Friendliness - Because of this trait,
your target is now shuffled into your
own deck, and belongs to you until
the end of the match.

Thank You Jesus - UN11 uses the
power of his friend to take out half of
all your opponent's active cards.

SgtMaj Avery J. Johnson.jpg
HP: 130
Vandal - His rage has vandalized
everything of yours, all of your
opponent's cards now lose half HP
for two turns.

Badass - While admiring his
awesomeness, your target has
had a grenade shoved in its ass
and will explode in... now.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Spartansniper450)

Ok, this is my first parody, so it's probably gonna be terrible but here it is:


CT as Captain Rex- Usually the one leading our humble #halopedia, keeps us in line, and like Rex is "always first"

Forerunner as Yoda- While we may not always understand him, he has a great knowledge of halopedia's inner-workings.

Me as Anakin- The wise-cracking one, sometimes to the point of annoying my superiors, but come on we can't be serious all the time.

Jaws Redfield as Asajj Ventress- Both a little crazy, but also just "misunderstood"

Zuka Zamamee as Count Dooku- Cause Zuka is an evil genius, simple as that.

Spartan-077 as General Grevious- Because they are both completely insane, but hey who wants to be normal.

Unluckynumber11 as Obi-Wan Kenobi- The other wise cracking guy, but unlike me is able to control himself.

Subtank as Ahsoka- the kind and powerful user, she can always manage to cheer any of us up.

SoH as Commander Cody- the technical one, he can usually be the nice guy, but get on his bad side, and you'll regret it.

You as the Clone Troopers- The everyday user who make the site what it is, keep it up!

My family (Nicmavr)

Alight, there is this comedy I like called "My Family", so I decided to make a parody on it. So, here it is:


CR as Abi Bailey, crazy but cool and overall well liked.

Ghost sangheili as Micheal Harper, a bit of a smartass guy who can do great accomplishments and can be a very difficult person to win over.

Subtank as Susan Harper. Susan generally is nice and kind, with care for her family, though she may slightly change with mood swings.

CT as Ben Harper, the father of the Harper family. He also seems to be leader of the family, except at times when Susan tries to take over. :P

Specops306 as Janey Harper, a character who doesn't take crap from anyone and has a mind of her own.

Kougermasters as Roger Bailey, a cheerful and usually happy person. Roger is an easy guy to talk to, though he can have his own side of toughness.

Left 4 Dead (SPARTAN-984)

My third parody and I'm getting better. The font's in Impact and the posters are from the first campaigns respectively.

Left 4 Dead Parody.jpg

Francis=Ajax. Why: Because he matches Francis' picture: basically, online he shows no emotion, takes no nonsense, etc.

Bill=Smoke. Why: He's exactly like CommanderTony, but I decided to put Tony as Coach for reasons explained later. He's also a basic pseudo-leader when CT's gone.

Zoey=Subtank. Why: She takes no nonsense, dishes out pain to the unworthy... she's exactly like Zoey.

Louis=Vet Halopedians. Why: Louis was an office worker. All of you are like Louis: you're basically office workers, but you can rise to the challenge when you need to.

Coach=CT. Why: Coach acts more like the group leader than Bill in L4D2, so I decided to put CT in this position and give Smoke Bill.

Ellis=S-118. Why: BananaCat used to be crazy but he isn't on anymore. 118 is the resident crazy person now, kind of like Ellis, but kind of now.

Nick=Me. Why: It's an offer I can't refuse. I don't use trickery, but I'm kind of like Nick: I show a little emotions.

Rochelle=VideoGameChick. Why: She has a big heart (yes, that's a compliment), but unlike Rochelle she isn't afraid to go batsh*t on enemies.


This hasn't been a "thing" since long before most current Halopedians ever joined the wiki. Should the project page be deleted? --Our vengeance is at hand. Gravemind.svg (Talk to me.) 15:30, 9 September 2014 (EDT)

As with other discontinued projects, the pages can be kept but with a notice of inactivity, which I have done.--Spartacus TalkContribs 16:17, 9 September 2014 (EDT)