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This project has been discontinued. Any activities discussed here have been postponed indefinitely. Do not edit the contents of this page.

This is a list of the former Halopedia Usergroups. These usergroups fell under the auspices of the Usergroup Guidelines and were open to any user for membership. Note: The purpose of these usergroups was to improve the articles and content of Halopedia in an organized and efficient way, NOT to create a role-playing game.

The Covenant of Halopedia

Wiki CoH.PNG
The Covenant of Halopedia (or CoH for short) was a group designed to improve articles related to the Covenant. CoH users were given ranks based on the Elite rank structure, and vote on an article for improvement. This was the original political group, founded on February 23, 2007. The founder, Donut THX 1138, wanted to create a place for users to interact, make new friends, and improve Halopedia all at once. The Covenant of Halopedia was lead by a High Council of elected users, which were chosen by the rest of the community every three months. Along with the Council they had their own constitution and laws, this was a highly productive usergroup with many friendly people and they encouraged everyone to join.

CoH Subgroups

The UNSC of Halopedia

The UNSC of Halopedia (UoH for short) was a group designed to improve all articles related to the United Nations Space Command. This group was a subgroup of the CoH. The UoH had a weekly improvement drive and a membership ranking based on the UNSC military. There are currently over 370 members of the UNSC of Halopedia.

Ancients of Halopedia


The Ancients of Halopedia (AoH for short) is a group that replaced and combined the Forerunners and the Parasites of Halopedia. It was designed to improve all articles related to the Forerunners and the Flood. Their ranking was based on Forerunner-Flood ranks, and they also have an improvement article. Their governors were known as Reclaimers. The AoH is subgroup of the Covenant of Halopedia.

Gamers of Halopedia


The Gamers of Halopedia (GoH for short) was a group designed to improve on any and all Halo game-related articles. This includes sections or articles about Halo maps, gametypes, strategies, glitches, etc.