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On Halopedia there is several Usergroups and Roles assigned to users based on what the wiki needs, and the history of the user.

What are they?[edit]

Usergroups on Halopedia are what says what features a user can use while editing on the wiki. Users who have a Usergroup or role on Halopedia are named the Halopedia Staff.



Main article: Halopedian

A Halopedian is a user who contributes to Halopedia. They are considered not part of the Halopedia Staff. As editors of the wiki, Halopedians have access to tools to assist them in improving the wiki's articles, such as editing semi-protected pages, renaming pages, and uploading images. It is the first Usergroup available to a user, and they are the main bulk of the users on the Wiki.


Main article: Patroller

A Patroller is a user who has access to a few additional features such as deleting files and pages, and protecting pages. They are primarily seen helping with the managing of the site and combating of vandalism. A user has to submit a request, and go through a voting process to become a Patroller.


Main article: Administrator

An Administrator is a user who have access to a few additional features on the site for housekeeping for keeping wikis nice and tidy. The community does look to administrators to perform the essential chores that require the extra access administrators are entrusted with. A user has to be nominated by another Administrator and go through a voting process to get into this Usergroup.


Main article: Bureaucrat

A Bureaucrat is an user that can assign or revoke user rights and rename user accounts. They also have the same abilities as an Administrator. It is a Usergroup only held by other Administrators.


Main article: Developer

A Developer is the is an user that has access to certain database functions in order to manage the site. They also have the same abilities as an Administrator and Bureaucrat. It is held by the owner of the domain and the person who hosts the site.


Main article: Bots

A bot is an automated or semi-automated account for performing repetitive tasks that would be extremely tedious to do manually.

Promotion and Demotion information[edit]

On Halopedia a user is able to be Promoted or Demoted through several different ways. Here is a list of what will be said in the case of a Promotion or Demotion:

  • Promoted - When a user gains a higher Usergroup (for example Patroller to Administrator), their previous Usergroup will be removed in the process.
  • Resigned - If a user wishes to resign from their position in the Halopedia staff, they can at any time without warning or reasoning. They should submit their resignation to another administrator. If a user is a Bureaucrat, they can pass down their Usergroup to another user. If the user is a Halopedian they can't resign.
  • Honorably Discharged - Staff members who are demoted but not for a negative reason such as lack of activity, will have a reason provided.
  • Dishonorably Discharged - Staff members who are demoted for negative reasons will have this in the archives. Examples of this is abusing their power, illegal activities, or some form of malpractice.
  • Inactive - If a staff member is inactive for 6 months without activity, they will be demoted if they did not notify the other administrators first. After this, there will be three months for the user to return, if they return they will gain their role back.
  • Activated - This is used when a Bot is activated on the wiki.
  • Deactivated - This is used when a Bot is deactivated on the wiki.

Retired Usergroups[edit]

Below is a list of Halopedia Usergroups that were retired for one reason or another.


A Rollbacker was a Halopedia user with the additional ability of being able to quickly roll-back edits. They were are primarily seen helping to revert vandalism. This usergroup was fused with the Patroller Usergroup. This usergroup was disbanded because most users in it were inactive, and due to the fact is was only skipping that one extra step to undo a revision to a page. You can read more why is was retired here.

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