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The Standards Council of Halopedia

Standards Council of Halopedia

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch


The Standards Council of Halopedia exists to streamline Halopedia's continuing drive to improve it's quality and become an Encyclopedia on everything Halo. To achieve this goal, the SCoH has two objectives.

  1. To establish standards and standardized formats for both articles in general and specific types of articles. These standards are then to be codified in Halopedia's Help and Policy sections so that new users are able to learn and understand the expectations of this community
  2. To promote bringing pages throughout Halopedia into compliance with established standards and expectations ranging from existing policies to those accepted by the Standards Council.

While these two objectives are closely related, they are also distinct and require considerably different skills. To ensure people are given a chance to work and be rewarded in the area that suits them the most, the SCoH has been split into two groups that each are responsible for one of the objectives: the Legislative and Executive branches who's responsibilities respectively correspond to the above objectives.

As Halopedia is for all to edit and contribute, its standards should be built by the cooperation of all. As per our Usergroup policy, each usergroup is to allow all members of Halopedia to join. This usergroup is not to restrict discussion of the standards from any Halopedian but to give a place where the focus is to develop the standards.

The Senate

The Senate is the ruling body of the SCoH. The Senate is staffed by up to 3 Senators who are elected every 2 months. Only Senators are allowed to give promotions to members of the SCoH. Decisions regarding the organization and operation of the SCoH are decided by the Senate.

Senators may use this template:

Sen This user is a Senator of the Standards Council of Halopedia


Member List

To sign up for the Standards Council of Halopedia, add your name and date of joining to the bottom of the list with a Legislative Rank of Administrative Assistant and an Executive Rank of Cadet here.

Request a promotion here