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This page is an official Halopedia policy
Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
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This page details Halopedia's policy on handling spoilers related to the Halo franchise.

What is a spoiler?

"A spoiler is a piece of information about a narrative work (such as a book, film, television series, or a video game) which reveals plot points or twists and thus may degrade the experience of persons who wish to wish to experience the work themselves. Spoilers may be used in [Halopedia] articles. Articles on the Internet sometimes feature a "spoiler warning" to alert readers to spoilers in the text, which they may then choose to avoid reading. [...]

It is not acceptable to delete information from an article because you think it spoils the plot. Such concerns must not interfere with neutral point of view, encyclopedic tone, completeness, or any other element of article quality (e.g., the lead section). When including spoilers, editors should make sure that an encyclopedic purpose is being served. Articles on a work of fiction should primarily describe it from a real-world perspective, discussing its reception, impact and significance.
Wikipedia's policy on spoiler content

The policy

  • The spoiler policy dictates the exclusion of plot information from campaigns, novels, and other major sources of canon, but not multiplayer.[note 1]
  • No spoiler content whatsoever will be allowed on Halopedia until the day of the official launch for a major release (i.e. games, films, and novels) in North America, Europe, or Australia, whichever comes earlier.
    • This restriction does not apply to official information released by official parties of the Halo franchise.[note 2]
    • Official information released by the news media such as IGN is restricted even if the source is reputable and valid.
    • Leaks, such as cutscenes or gameplay footage from bootlegged discs, are not allowed under any circumstances.
    • Usernames featuring spoilers, such as "Character X dies", are not acceptable. Users in question will be required to submit a new, appropriate name upon notification.
  • Starting from the launch date to a month's time in advance, the hide-spoiler template will be used for those who still have not had a chance to purchase the released content; Those who have bought the product will be able to freely edit the wiki, albeit following the restrictions listed above.


  1. Violators will be given one official warning on their talk page.
  2. Non-compliance will result in a week-long ban for the user.
  3. Continued violations will result in more severe punitive action, potentially including an indefinite ban.


  1. ^ Where, however, the multiplayer content shares details from the campaign (such as in the case of Halo: Reach's campaign, Firefight, and multiplayer where all three modes share map geometry), such content will be deemed as a spoiler and be excluded.
  2. ^ Official parties means Bungie (up to their departure from the Halo franchise), 343 Industries, Microsoft Studios and the publishers/developer/author/director/producer of the content.