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Project Userbox is a Halopedia-namespace project to create Userboxes on user pages, not article-namespace pages. For help on how to create a Userbox see the Userboxes page.

Userbox Categories


  • Real World - When you joined Halopedia, personal info, shows you like, etc.
  • Babel - For organizing people who speak different languages
  • Games - About the Halo games (games you own, levels beaten, etc.)
  • Novels - Marking the Halo novels you have read
  • Action Figures - Which action figures you have.

In-game items

  • Halo 3 - In game Halo 3 things you've earned, single player and multiplayer
  • Weapons - Your feelings regarding certain weapons
  • Vehicles - Your feelings regarding certain vehicles
  • Species - Your favorite species in the Halo Universe
  • Armor Preferences - Your preferences regarding the various types of armors
  • Equipment - Your feelings regarding certain equipment in Halo 3 gameplay


  • Friends - Noting certain friends you have on Halopedia
  • Groups - Your position in user groups
  • Edit Counts - How many edits you've amassed on Halopedia


Halo 3 Game Types

Showing Userboxes

Main article: Help:Userboxes

Use Template:Userboxes to assemble userboxes on one's userpage.

The Userbox Award

HalopedianOfTheMonth.PNG This user has been given the USERBOX AWARD.
{{Userbox Award}}

The Userbox Award recognizes superior contributions to Project Userbox, by the creation of, or substantial contribution to, userboxes to use on user pages. You can give the Userbox Award to a user who has created or significantly contributed to a popular userbox now!

Due to the size restraints of this award (which is appropriately given in the form of a userbox!), don't forget to leave a short message explaining why the recipient deserves this award, and your name.