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Covenant of Halopedia
The Official Halopedia Covenant User Group
Founded February 23, 2007

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Covenant of Halopedia

February 23, 2007


Donut THX 1138




A place for Covenant users. We also vote and improve Covenant articles here on Halopedia.

Political Information

9th Age of Reclamation

Current Article

The Great Journey


Welcome to the Covenant of Halopedia. The Covenant of Halopedia (CoH) is a usergroup dedicated to the improvement of all Covenant-related articles on Halopedia. The CoH follows the rank structure of the Sangheili race, and all members may achieve promotions here to a higher rank of service. We welcome all users, and encourage anyone who wishes to join to do so. The Covenant of Halopedia was founded by Donut THX 1138 on February 23, 2007.


The English word "Covenant" means "a binding agreement between two parties." This name is used because of the "binding Covenant" formed between the Prophets and the Elites, when the Elites promised to defend the Prophets as they searched for the Halos and other evidence of the Forerunners. As the Covenant Empire grew over the millennia, more species were enslaved to their cause, although, up until the Covenant Civil War, none of them were quite as important to the Prophets as the Elites were.

This is the capital of the Covenant of Halopedia. The Covenant of Halopedia is a group of users who find themselves agreeing with the Covenant. This group of users protects all Covenant related pages from both Vandals and false Prophets. Ever since the Covenant Civil War, also known as The Great Schism, this group is based around the rank system of the Sangheili, as opposed to the Jiralhanae.

Covenant of Halopedia Leaders

*Green text denotes a Halopedia Administrator, should any be Councilors during the current term.

User Ranks

Users will be given ranks based on their helpfulness. Helpfulness is measured by the quality of a user's edits to Covenant-related pages. Users that significantly help with the Improvement Article may also be given a promotion. Users can also sometimes be promoted by helping out the Councilors and improving the Covenant of Halopedia.

  • Only Councilors can promote members.
  • Users may request a promotion here.

List of Ranks

For a list of all CoH members and their ranks, see this page.

To join, add your username at the bottom of the Recruitment list. The Councillors will then place you to the list of Minor Elites after some period of time. Once you are placed there, you are an official CoH member.

Rank Conversions

For the CoH and UNSC rank conversions table, see this page.