Halo and Philosophy

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Halo and Philosophy
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Luke Cuddy


Open Court

Publication date:

June 7, 2011

Media type:

Print (Paperback)


288 pages


Halo and Philosophy: Intellect Evolved is a book edited by Luke Cuddy and published by Open Court. It represents a collection of essays about the Halo franchise written by various authors. The foreword was written by Fred Van Lente and the afterword by Roger Ngim. It was released on June 7, 2011.[1]


"Halo is one of the greatest, most successful First Person Shooter (FPS) videogames ever to grace the world of gaming. While critics primarily lampoon FPSs for their aggressiveness and on-screen violence, gamers see something else. Although Halo is an FPS, it has a science-fiction storyline that draws from previous award-winning science fiction literature. It employs a game mechanic that limits the amount of weapons a player can carry to two, and a multiplayer element that has spawned websites like Red vs. Blue and games within the game created by players themselves."
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