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Trouble with the audio sample?

During the February 2021 edition of the Inside Infinite blog, a hidden audio drop was included as a link for fans to find.[1] The audio file details a conversation between Dr. Halsey, John-117 and Roland concerning the actions of Cortana and the rise of the Created, following the events of Halo 5: Guardians.

The audio file was linked to as part of a comment by 343 Industries' World Design Lead John Mulkey, mentioning that Installation 07 has "stories to be found" - indicating that this audio or similar pieces may be a collectibles system akin to the Audio logs of Halo 5 or Sadie's Story in Halo 3: ODST.

Similar audio was released as a hidden part of the Discover Hope trailer.


The audio begins, and typing on a keyboard can be heard.

  • Halsey: How many now?
  • Roland: Sixteen systems shut down now, seemingly random locations. I'm attempting to lock her and the others out of the main-
  • Halsey (interrupts): You will not be able to stop her. She knows more about how this all works than... well, anyone.

Heavy footsteps can be heard getting closer.

  • John-117: Doctor Halsey.
  • Halsey: John.
  • John-117: What's the plan?
  • Halsey: The plan? Right now, we are in survival mode. Again. Cortana's message has spread across the galaxy; most sentient AI are siding with her.
  • John-117: Against us?
  • Halsey: Yes. But maybe not you. Tell me, John, what was the last thing she said to you?
  • John-117: She said... goodbye.


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