Forerunner weather station

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An overview of the Forerunner weather station.

The Forerunner weather station is a weather control facility set on an unknown Halo installation. The facility likely provides for the artificial weather of the installation, as well as maintaining the atmosphere and climate. The weather station also forms the setting for the Halo: Reach multiplayer level Tempest.[1]


The weather station is situated near a large body of water, with two beam-emitting buildings projecting a blue energy beam into the sky. In the water, there is also a line of large pylons with lightning pulsing at the caps.

A massive wall can be seen in the distance, possibly meaning that the station is near the edge of the Halo installation. From this, it can be inferred that weather-controlling pylons such as the ones on the map may line the borders of the installations oceans where they touch the sides of the ring.

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