FJ/PARA-class Mjolnir

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FJ/PARA shoulder pad
FJ/PARA knee guard

The FJ/PARA is a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. Compatible with the Mark V, it is designed specifically for airborne units, and is intended to offer maximum protection with minimum weight.[1] Some members of NOBLE Team wear FJ/PARA knee guards, with Kat-B320 wearing the shoulder pauldrons.

In-game information[edit]

The FJ/PARA variant includes shoulder pauldrons, which cost 250 cR each, as well as knee guards, available for 10,000 cR.[2]


Halo Reach shoulder armor para.jpg

Designed specifically for airborne units; maximum protection, minimum weight.

Price:250 cR

Knee Guard[edit]

Halo reach knee guards fjpara.jpg

Designed specifically for airborne units; maximum protection, minimum weight.

Price:10,000 cR


  • "FJ" is an abbreviation of Fallschirmjäger, the German word for "paratrooper".
  • The current model for the FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron was titled as the Mark V[B] shoulder in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta. The Beta's FJ/PARA shoulders became the UA/Multi-threat shoulders in the final game.[3] It is possible that the FJ/PARA knee guards were intended to be the default in-game knee guards instead of a variant. Prior to the game's finalization, what would become the FJ/PARA knee guards were present on SPARTAN-B312, representing the character wearing basic armor prior to the player's customization. Even after being given fully default armor, most videos and images showed the SPARTAN wearing FJ/PARA kneeguards with otherwise fully default armor; Six's Xbox Avatar armor also still has FJ/PARA knees.
  • Kat-B320's FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron pictured in a cover art image for Game Informer magazine started a recurring joke among the fan community as the shoulder can be seen resembling a face. This "character" was jokingly dubbed "Oonsk" as a humorous pronunciation of the "UNSC" labeled to the shoulder.[4] The character was later acknowledged by Bungie in their weekly updates,[5] and was included in a painting created by Frank O'Connor.[6] The painting was later auctioned off by IGN as a part of a charity event.[7]
  • The knee guards are unique as the only set of knee guards that are colored according to the player's secondary armor color.
  • Four members of Noble Team wore the FJ/PARA kneeguards: Carter-A259, Jun-A266, Emile-A239, and Thom-A293. The only exceptions to this are Jorge-052 and Kat-B320, who wear MJOLNIR Mark IV[G] and default knee guards respectively. SPARTAN-B312 may also wear FJ/PARA kneeguards if the player so chooses.


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