Dual Grenade

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Dual Grenade
Button Combo(s)

L,Y,B,L (On-host)


Instantaneous shot/reloading (repeated)

Other Information
Host Information



The Dual Grenade is a trick that uses the picking up and dropping of dual wieldable weapons to cancel the time intersection between two grenade throws.

It is possible to be combined with the Double Grenade.


First, you stand on a dual wieldable weapon, holding a dual wieldable weapon, then press L to throw your first grenade, hold Y to pick up the dual wieldable weapon, B to melee and throw the weapon away and L to grenade again. With default settings, the button combo should be L,Y,B,L.

Note: This trick can also be used in combination with the Double Grenade, using the plasma pistol as the first dual wieldable weapon for a deathtrap of three grenades.

List of Button Combos[edit]