Double Fire

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Double Fire
Button Combo(s)

R - Hold R - X


Fires two consecutive BR bursts

Other Information
Weapon Required

Battle Rifle

Host Information



Double Fire is a glitch that allows players to fire two consecutive bursts from a BR55 Battle Rifle in Halo 2.


Double Fire: R,R,X

Quickly press the Right Trigger, then as soon as you have your trigger released, quickly squeeze it again and this time hold. Quickly, after the controller has registered the start of the holding, press X in order to have the two shots burst out at the same time or rapidly follow each other.

Timing is crucial, as there is about 1/10th of a second to do so and within that second the pace of the shots is also determined. You will know it's successful when you see no reloading animation, instead, having a full magazine again with six bullets less.

You can also cancel the actual reloading by the Cancel Reload, but more useful is to Double fire and then instantly throw a grenade to cancel the reloading as this also seems to be the quickest way to get damage across a map or to an opponent.


  • This glitch will only work in Halo 2, it doesn't work in Halo 3.

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