Commonwealth weapons officer

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Commonwealth weapons officer
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Lieutenant, Junior Grade

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Battle of Chi Ceti


This unidentified lieutenant was the weapons officer aboard the UNSC Commonwealth. He took part in the Battle of Chi Ceti.[1]


While transporting Dr. Halsey and the Spartan-IIs to the Damascus Testing Facility, the Commonwealth was engaged by a Covenant ship, the Unrelenting. He was ordered to fire Archer Missile Pods A through F launching 180 missiles. The Unrelenting maneuvered to avoid some missiles, but some managed to hit it. Captain Wallace congratulated the Lieutenant before realizing the missiles only struck the ship's shields. After acquiring a firing solution, he fired the Commonwealth's MAC, scoring a hit on the Covenant ship, but only disabling the ship's shields temporarily. He was ordered to charge the MAC for another shot, and while the Unrelenting approached, charging a plasma torpedo, the second MAC was fired, shortly before the Unrelenting fired its plasma torpedo. The second MAC round managed to damage the Covenant ship. However, the plasma torpedo destroyed the MAC, and it was decided to use one of the ship's Shiva-class Nuclear Missile and setting the proximity fuse for 100 meters. The missile had little effect on the ship, but the Covenant ship temporarily retreated. When the Unrelenting returned, it engaged the Commonwealth again, but was soon destroyed by three Spartans that managed to infiltrate the ship.

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