Coldsnap Launcher

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Coldsnap Launcher
HW2 Coldsnap Launcher.jpg
Production overview

Ammunition type:

Experimental Cryo Shells

Feed system:



Remote operated

Rate of fire:

Single shot

Effective range:

Close to far

Service history

In service:

Second Ark Conflict


The Coldsnap Launcher is a cryo-weapon system theoretically devised by Serina.[1]

Design details[edit]

The Coldsnap Launcher is a double-barreled mounted launcher, primarily mounted on Bisons. Due to the lack of available Bison vehicles aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire, the weapon remains experimental. It fires experimental cryo shells that damage and chill enemies caught in its area—of—effect. The launcher can be upgraded, which increases the launcher's range, rate of fire, and chill effect. When the Bison deploys it leeches ambient heat energy to augment its defensive systems, creating a chill aura that affects nearby enemies. These systems can also be upgraded to further boost defenses and the area of the chill aura.[1]

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