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Capitalism is an economic and political philosophy championing free-markets, individual and corporate competition, and private control over the means of production.

The historical period that lead up to the year 2160 had seen a massive expansion of capitalist dominance across colonial territories, space-based agencies and orbital facilities; a factor that contributed immensely to the upsurge of extremist. On Mars, an industrial hub of the solar system, the Koslovics embraced a radical form of communism, while the fascist Frieden on the Jovian moons were backed by German corporate interests.[1]

It is widely speculated that the United Nations Space Command and the Unified Earth Government themselves continue to function within a capitalist socioeconomic and political framework since 2170, though with significant limitations introduced due to the severe stress put on human society by decades of civil war and then the Covenant's onslaught. After the war, the UNSC restored much of the powers it had assumed to the UEG and private industry.