BTB Skirmish

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BTB Skirmish Xbox Live Settings

Ranked: Yes
Minimum Players: 10
Maximum Players: 16
Team Count: 2
Maximum Team Imbalance: 0
Minimum Party Size: 1
Maximum Party Size: 16
Big Party Restrictions: No
Minimum Big Party Size: -
Maximum Big Party Size: -
Big Party Imbalance: -

BTB Skirmish is a Halo 2 playlist based around a variety of team objective games. Games involve a minimum of twelve players, with an upper limit of sixteen.

In April 2007, BTB Skirmish was merged with BTB Slayer to form a new BTB playlist. The BTB playlist was 5/6 vs. 5/6, unranked, and didn't require the new Halo 2 maps, Desolation and Tombstone, to play.