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Tactical is a category of accessories for use in conjunction with MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor as well as other UNSC infantry armor systems. The Tactical category encompasses various chest, wrist, and utility pieces compatible with MJOLNIR Mark V.[1]



If you are going to be out there for a long time, you might as well take everything.

Requirement(s): 1,000 cR
This attachment adds three rectangular pouches to the front of the chestplate, in order to increase the suit's storage capacity. It is not affected by color choices.

Halo Reach chest armor lrp.jpg


Everything you need to find everything you need to find out.

Requirement(s): 1,500 cR, Warrant Officer
This attachment adds six black pouches assymetrically over the chestplate, as well as two additional pouches along the back of the wearer's waist. These pouches have small, seemingly luminescent blue accents. It is unaffected by color choices.

Halo reach chest armor recon.jpg


Don't take anything you don't need; you're going to want to stay light on your feet.

Requirement(s): 4,000 cR, Major
This attachment equips the Spartan with a ghille suit hood, and a small pack on the back. This pack is mostly covered by the ghille material; however, its straps can be seen on the front of the chestplate. It appears to contain a hydration bladder, judging by the small straw on the left strap.

Halo reach chest armor patrol.jpg



Dock for the MC5 Individual Data/Net Terminal.

Requirement(s): 50,000 cR, Major
This piece of equipment is a small, forearm-mounted tacpad. The quote suggests that the bulk of what is seen in-game is actually a protective case, with the device itself being around the size of the screen on its own.

Halo reach wrist armor tactical tacpad (1).jpg


Dock for the SRT Universal Global Positioning System Device

Requirement(s): 80,000 cR, Lt. Colonel
This piece of equipment adds a small GPS unit with a brown-light screen over the forearm guantlet. The "U" in "UGPS" implies that this GPS can be used anywhere, and still work.

HR Armory Tactical UGPS.jpg


Tactical/Hard Case[edit]

For those things you don’t want to lose or break.

Requirement(s): 40,000 cR, Captain
This piece of equipment adds a hard plastic or metal case to the side of the thigh armor. It is presumably used for carrying small, fragile, high-value items through a combat zone undamaged.

Halo Reach utilites tactical.jpg

Tactical/Soft Case[edit]

For all the stuff you couldn’t fit anywhere else.

Requirement(s): 100,000 cR, Colonel
This piece of equipment adds a soft pouch to the side of the thigh armor. It is used to increase the storage capacity of the suit.

HR Armory Tactical Soft Case.jpg

Tactical/Trauma Kit[edit]

REMEMBER: this is YOURS, for when YOU get hit.

Requirement(s): 60,000 cR, Lt. Colonel
This piece of equipment adds a small, personal first aid kit to the side of the thigh armor.

HR Armory Tactical Trauma Kit.jpg


  • LRP stands for Long Range Patrol, a military acronym for units that operate behind enemy lines.
  • Jun-A266 wears the Tactical/Patrol chest, which features a rucksack on the lower back. This feature is absent from the player's version.
  • The Tactical/Trauma Kit's description is based on the real world training of the US Armed Forces' individual trauma kits, or IFAK.

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