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Collar is a group of chest pieces for use in conjunction with MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. The Collar accessories are compatible with MJOLNIR Mark V.[1] Aesthetically, all MJOLNIR/Collar variants have one thing in common; they are extended so they cover more of the wearer's pectoral region and extend around the neck to the far upper back, forming a 'collar', hence the nomenclature. This extension of the player models' aesthetic appearance does not affect their hit boxes, however, it can make for a slightly more visible target, especially in the case of the up armored [G] Variant.



The [G] prototype was the test bed for incorporating shield technology with MJOLNIR PAA.

Requirement(s): 4,000 cR and rank of Captain
This chestpiece adds a thick layer of additional plating over the default armor. This extends from the bottom of the chest all the way up to the shoulders, covering the Mk. V's distinctive shoulder spikes. It also has a large drum on the chest, which contains some sort of early shielding technology. It is affected only by the primary armor color.

Halo reach chest armor grenadier.jpg


Kick it in; section it off; lay them out.

Requirement(s): 8,000 cR and rank of Lt.Colonel
This chestpiece adds a small collared faceshield over the default armor. Attached to this is a small rack which contains 7 shotgun shells. Based on the description, this armor permutation would most likely be used during close-quarters and interior combat operations, in order to hold extra shotgun shells in an easy-to-reach place. It is affected by the secondary armor color.

Halo reach chest armor breacher.jpg

Collar/Grenadier [UA][edit]

Up-armored variant of the MJOLNIR [G] prototype.

Requirement(s): 45,000 cR and rank of General
This chestpiece is almost the same as the original Collar/Grenadier, but it contains a one-sided faceshield in order to protect the wearer's head from the increased exposure to that side of his body. It is affected only by the primary armor color.

Halo reach chest armor grenadier2.jpg

Collar/Breacher [R][edit]

Unfortunately, they don't make prosthetic situational awareness.

Requirement(s): 75,000 cR, rank of Lt. Colonel and Collar/Breacher armor
This chestpiece is identical to the Collar/Breacher except for the bionic arm.

Breacher r.jpg


  • Collar/Grenadier [UA] is the chest piece worn by Jorge-052, and even when the player has equipped the chest piece, Jorge's Spartan tag (052) can still be seen on the side of the armor piece. However, despite the fact that Jorge's chest plate has two colors, both different from the olive drab of his main body, the player's version can only be the same color as his main color, even the faceshield.
  • When wearing Collar/Breacher [R], in first-person, you will always see the FJ/Para shoulder piece regardless of which one you wear.

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