2x Score Attack

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2× Score Attack is a Halo: Reach multiplayer gametype. It is featured in the Score Attack playlist.[1]

In this Gametype, the player deals double damage to enemies and their Shield will recharge to a 2× Overshield. Loadouts are the same as in normal Firefight, but the enemies are a bit different. The first wave consists of Grunts, the second of Jackals, the third of Brutes, and the fourth of Skirmishers. The fifth and final wave consists of Elites, and over half will be cloaked Spec-Ops Sangheili. These and Minors are easily defeated, however, requiring just two melees or 4-5 bullets from the Magnum. The Spec-Ops' Plasma Rifles should be utilized, as these are extremely effective against Elites in 2× Score Attack. Interestingly, Wraiths cannot be commandeered as punching the operator out will remove the main cannon from the vehicle, and the vehicle will explode from the force of shoving a grenade in.

Strangely, destroying enemy Banshees with a loadout or sniper weapon does not award vehicle kills or points in 2× Score Attack. It does however award credits, similar to blowing a turret off an enemy dropship. However, if the player shoots the Banshee with a heavy weapon or somehow manages to stick the Banshee with a grenade, it will count as normal.