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Normal.jpg This user has beaten Halo on the Normal difficulty.
Normal.jpg This user has beaten Halo 2 on the Normal difficulty.
Heroic.jpg This user has beaten Halo 3 on the Heroic difficulty.
TLJ Normal Difficulty (ODST).png This user has beaten Halo 3: ODST on the Normal difficulty.
TLJ Legendary Difficulty (Reach).png This user has beaten Halo: Reach on the Legendary difficulty.
WakeUpJohnAchievement.png This user has beaten Halo 4 on the Normal difficulty.
Lieutenant Grade Three.png This user is a Lieutenant (Grade 3) on Halo 3 Multiplayer.
Designated Marksman Rifle.png This user dimmers people dead with M392 DMR of Halo: Reach.

Assassin!.png You just got assassinated by Wwwwolf!

Halo warthog.jpg This user likes all types of Warthogs.

Theholyarbiter.jpg This user likes the Arbiter.
Grifball.jpg This user has tried – and likes immensely – Grifball.
Metroid Userbox.png This user also plays the Metroid series (and thinks Samus probably beats the Chief).

Welcome to WWWWolf's incredibly tame and uninformative user page.

I'm a random wikihead and I'm active on Wikipedia, various Wikia wikis, and elsewhere. See my Wikia user page for a bit of a list, or Wikipedia user page for my stuff in various Wikimedia projects.

I'm just a random gamer. For a long time, I've been kind of a secret fan (not a particularly gung-ho one) of Bungie and I really liked Myth II on Linux, but on the other hand, I always felt that they make pretty games that have some small flaws in them. Like difficulty, in Myth II's case. I was kind of perplexed when I first ran out of bloody ammo in Halo 3. =) It took me some time to "get" the mechanics of the series, but now that I've beaten all of the games on normal difficulty, I think it's safe to say the games are actually quite playable.

Game Got Started Finished
Halo: Combat Evolved 2009-01-12 2009-01-12 2009-03-17
Halo 2 2008-12-31 2009-04-26 2009-04-28
Halo 3 2008-12-30 2009-06-06 2009-06-13
Halo Wars 2009-08-11 2009-08-11 Unfinished
Halo 3: ODST 2009-09-24 2009-09-24 2009-10-26
Halo: Reach 2010-09-14 2010-09-14 2010-09-18
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 2011-11-15 2011-11-16 2012-01-03
Halo 4 2012-11-06 2012-11-06 2012-11-27

Latest: Last completed level is Anders' Signal in Halo Wars (2011-04-02) and Halo 4 campaign (2012-11-27).