Posttraumatic vocal disarticulation

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Posttraumatic vocal disarticulation is a condition involving the vocal chords of a human being. After experiencing extreme stress or trauma, a person diagnosed with this condition is rendered completely unable to speak, even if there is no catastrophic injury to their actual vocal chords.[1] The condition is purely psychological,[2] although after extended periods of silence an individual suffering from posttraumatic vocal disarticulation may experience significant difficulty speaking coherently even if they overcome the condition on a psychological level.[3]

SPARTAN-III supersoldier Lucy-B091 was diagnosed with this condition at age 12 after her company was killed in Operation: TORPEDO, leaving her and Tom-B292 as the only survivors out of 300. This shook her terribly and she would remain silent for years afterward,[1] though she managed to speak a few words after being exceedingly agitated at Dr. Catherine Halsey for harassing the Huragok Prone to Drift.[3]

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