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The complete Mark V[B] armor set

The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/B variant refers to two distinct sub-models of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, created for the Mark IV and Mark V generations;[1] the latter iteration of the [B] variant served as the initial production model of the Mark V MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[2] The Mark IV[B]'s first known use was by Spartan Fred-104 during the Fall of Circinius IV on April 26, 2526,[3] while the Mark V[B] entered service with the SPARTAN-IIs and select SPARTAN-IIIs on November 24, 2551.[2]


The first mainline model of the MJOLNIR PAA to incorporate energy shielding technology, the Mark V[B] is largely similar to the final version of the Mark V. The only major difference between the two is the [B] variant's lack of an accompanying upgrade to the wearer's neural lace enabling the wearer to interface with a smart AI. This did not come to fruition until John-117 and Cortana successfully tested the final Mark V on August 29, 2552.[2]

Along with the Mark V[M] and Mark VI[A] variants, the Mark V[B] is designed and manufactured by private organizations hired by the UNSC rather than developed by the Materials Group due to numerous problems with funding. The Mark V[B] was the default armor set issued to members of SPECWAR Group Three, including NOBLE Team. While most members of the team modified their Mark V[B] suits to varying extents, Thom-A293 wore a full, unaltered set of Mark V[B] armor.[4]

The Mark V[B] helmet's only adopter was SPECWAR Group Three.[5] Its physical architecture is derived from the Mark IV(b) .[1] Spartans outside SPECWAR Group Three wore an upgraded version of the original Mark IV helmet in conjunction with their Mark V[B] suits;[5] this model would later be used for the final iteration of the Mark V.[6]

Gameplay characteristics[edit]

The Mark V[B] is the default suit of armor in Halo: Reach.[2] The second generation of the Mark V is seen in Halo: Combat Evolved.[6] The helmet is the only component of the set that can be specifically selected in the armory.


Price: N/A (Default)
This helmet is the starting helmet for all players, and is purchased and equipped by default. Currently, there are two upgrades available for the Mark V[B] helmet; the UA (up-armored) upgrade for 750 cR (This is a combination of both of the Beta upgrades); and the UA/HUL, for 1500 cR, which adds an External Hardened Uplink to the right side of the helmet, redesigned from the Beta.


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  • In the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, there were two upgrades available for the Mark V[B] helmet. An External Command Network Module or "CNM", standard issue to Special Forces unit commanders (1000 cR), and an External Hardened Uplink or "HUL", required for sensitive operations (5000 cR).[7] The CNM and HUL attachments as seen in the Beta were merged into a single attachment, the UA upgrade, for the final game. The HUL is now an additional camera/sensor-like attachment on the side of the helmet, rather than being located on the top.
  • While both the Mark V[B] and FJ/PARA shoulder pauldrons were present in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, the Mark V[B] shoulders were changed to the FJ/PARA variant in the final game. In the final version of the game the Mark V[B] has no shoulder pauldron permutations.[5]
  • In the marketing campaign for Halo: Reach, an exclusive armor piece would be given to players who preordered the game. During this time the armor piece was known as the "UA/Multi-Threat Mark V[B]." Any relation of this armor piece to the Mark V [B] is absent in the game.
  • Fred-104's Mark IV(b) helmet in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is actually a redress of Thom-A293's Mark V[B] helmet from Deliver Hope.


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