HAZOP-class Mjolnir

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Production overview


Materials Group (GEN1)
Acheron Security (GEN2)

Testing site(s):

Gdynia on Mars (GEN2)





Extended operations in exotic and hazardous environments

Technical specifications
"Some operations are considered hazardous even for a fully armored Spartan"
—Description of the HAZOP helmet.

The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/HAZOP (Hazard Operability), is a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[1] The HAZOP variant was first developed for the MJOLNIR Mark V Powered Assault Armor. The variant was carried over to the GEN2 system, and is now manufactured and battle-tested at Gdynia, Mars by Acheron Security.[2]

GEN1 Characteristics[edit]

All current HAZOP Armor Permutations in Halo: Reach.

Helmet Characteristics[edit]

Two upgrades are availible for the helmet, the first adds a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Module with a Hardened Uplink Module on the right side (CBRN/HUL), and the second adds the unnamed attachment similar to night vision goggles found on the Operator variant with a Command Network Module on the left side (incorrectly called a CNM-I, the correct title being (unknown)/CNM).

Shoulder Characteristics[edit]

The HAZOP armor also includes a shoulder piece. It is about the size of the FJ/PARA shoulders and is shaped like a curved "H".[3]

GEN2 Characteristics[edit]

Manufactured and battle-tested just outside of the city of Gdynia on Mars.

It was developed by Acheron Security. When its contract was transferred from the Materials Group, Acheron Security re-architected the GEN2 HAZOP-class armor systems explicitly for extended operations within exotic and environmentally hazardous locales.[4] Templates for the GEN2 were acquired by Acheron Security in 2553, where a number of advances were engineered to enhance protective operability during EVA deployment while outside a vehicle in slipspace.[5] The armor contains redundant oxygen filtration systems, modified rebreather caster lines, and the most advanced radiation shielded underarmor mesh currently in production by the UNSC.[6]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

Helmet characteristics[edit]

Some operations are considered hazardous even for a fully armored Spartan.
Base price: 7,000 cR, Recruit

  • Description: Mk.V helmet variant for use in hazardous environments

CBRN/HUL price: 2,000 cR, Sergeant

  • Description: For operations in extremely hazardous environments; hardened uplink module.

CNM-I price: 1,000 cR, Captain

  • Description: Command network module-Improved; upgraded variant of the standard issue CNM unit.

Pauldron characteristics[edit]

Shoulders price: 500 cR(per shoulder), Recruit

  • Description: Some operations are considered hazardous even for a fully armored Spartan.

Halo 4[edit]

Unlock: Achieve Spartan Rank 43

  • Description: Manufactured and battle-tested just outside of the city of Gdynia on Mars.

Available skins: FRST(Forest)

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