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Hat Yai




Unified Earth Government

Technology tier:

Tier 3


Hat Yai was a lightly populated human colony world. It was one of the Outer Colonies. The world was notable for its environment, which was characterized by tropical jungles, rain forests, and high humidity.[1] The planet had one main continent.[1]

In 2528 or 2529[note 1], Hat Yai saw one of the first battles of the Human-Covenant War, during which many Orbital Drop Shock Troopers saw their first combat against the Covenant. Before the battle, most of the civilian population was killed by Covenant invaders. Despite success against the Covenant by UNSC ground forces, the UNSC Navy was defeated and the planet was glassed by the victorious Covenant.[1]


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  1. ^ The battle took place three years after Gage Yevgenny finished ODST training. He was still in training in late 2525 which means he finished either then or in 2526, thus the battle took place in 2528 or 2529.


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